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November 16 2007

Nathan Fillion Makes People Magazine's List of Sexiest Men Alive. Let the fangirl (and fanboy) squeeing begin.

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Squeeee! When I had heard yesterday that Matt Damon had been named by People magazine I shrugged it off as the fact that he was top box office right now and that always factors in with them. But NOW I hear that Nathan made the list!?! This really does mean that he is starting to get the name/face recognition, this is great news. I am delighted to hear it.
Amazzzzzing. Funny, the only reason to buy People has just presented itself.
Fantastic!! Apparently he should show up in this one minute video,,20154290_20154496_20154498,00.html

but I didn't see him. I'm sure he was there, but it was really fast. I did see David though. And many, many gorgeous men. When exactly does this magazine come out? I don't think I've ever bought a People. Squee!
Fangirls won't be the only ones squeeing. A few fanboys are jumping for joy too. ;D
Fangirls won't be the only ones squeeing. A few fanboys are jumping for joy too

I was thinking about the fangirl and fanboy thing because I get the impression that Nathan is really popular with the boys. Just Google man crush Fillion.
I think the magazine comes out today.
To NP: Good point. I'll edit the post accordingly. :D
Yay, Nathan! You sexy beast.
People finally realized something all of us have known for years.

Go Nathan!!!
Yes, let's hear it for Captain Tightpants. Matt Damon should start looking over his shoulder..Clooney, too!
MAAAATTTT DAAAAMOOOOOOOON. Sorry, every time I hear that name I have to say that.
When I heard Matt was gonna be on the cover, I said "these people don't know what sexy is. Nathan should be on that list" and so he is :)
Isn't it grand when the rest of the world discovers something we've known all along?
Yes, it is.
Now go sing and dance your praises to Our Hunka-hunka Burnin' Captain Mal.

Oooooh mort. You made my day.
So has anyone here bought the magazine to confirm it?
Yes, Simon, I've seen it. As reported, on page 144 there is a little blurb with a full-page pic of him holding a plant and a watering can.
That's random. Plant + watering can = Nathan Fillion picture. Hmm. On the other hand, yay! I'll surely be flipping through this David on the list? I would imagine he is. He's pretty easy on the eyes.
AmazonGirl: thank you for that link, that song is awesome!
O captain, my captain... you are indeed yummy...
At least he's not holding something a gynecologist would use, so that's something.

I'm channeling a bit of "I told you so" smugness, and hoping that more Nathan in mainstream media = more interest in Firefly.

(Oh, and I almost forgot- sqquueeeeeee!)
Is the watering can and plant from his Drive days as a rogue landscaper? And yay for fanboy squeeing. This fanboy does appreciate the Nathan.
Good for Nathan. I don't find him particularly sexy (nor do I find Matt Damon so) but everyone gets their own goat, as they say.
I see no one mentioned Chiwetel Ejiofor on page 124 as "Sexiest Import".

He needs a brownie intervention. :)
I picked up the magazine too. Souvenir! 2007 the first year Nathan Fillion was included in People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive issue!

Whoo-hoo! And squeeeee again.

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I have quite the man crush on ol' Nathan. A MANLY man crush. Can he do NO wrong? He's a fantastic actor!
And about time! As for Matt Damon .... smart guys are so hot ;)
Yo, Simon. Here is a non-message board link if you'd like it. :-)

More Sexy Guys
Ah it's fine :). I'm just a bit miffed I'm not on the list :p.
Kind of wish we could see some Marsters love in the "Sexiest Scars" section...
What Haikes said ;-) Or any other section.

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