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November 16 2007

Buffy #7 is #7 for October, and "The Long Way Home" tops Diamond's graphic novels chart. Success for Buffy season eight persists despite (or perhaps because of) substituting Whedon for Vaughan.

You can discuss #8 on BKV's own board.

And the Serenity hardcover is #8 on the graphic novel chart, despite the fact that it has already sold gobs of copies in tradepaper format.

Good showing all round.

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Did anyone think 8 was immensely better than 7? and did anyone else cry after reading "The Chain"? Those were my 2 favorite issues.

I wonder if Whedon already has a Buffy movie idea or a script made for a Buffy movie just in case...
I think that can be remedied by a trip through the magic door (ie the bathroom).
Yes, I also thought that #8 was much better than #7 (though I did really like Dawn and Willow's scene), FaithsTruCalling; and also found "The Chain" to be very strong, and moving.
I'm happy for Joss to not make a movie right now, I'm loving the comics, and I just don't think Buffy would work nearly as well in a non-serialized format.

Plus, a comic a month stretches the Buffy for a loooong time, which is the best part of it.
I'd like to see it recognized, though, that Buffy is no longer the slayer from whom all descend: that's FAITH. That's right, Buffy died a second time, and did another slayer come forth? No. Buffy begat Kendra who begat Faith. (begat may be the wrong word) That was a mistake in Buffy season 7 as well. The First was supposedly waiting to do in the slayer until all the potentials were killed and yet tried to get Faith whacked in prison. Faith should have been the one he wanted to wait to kill. Ye gods!
Expected the TPB to be on top this month! I would think that TPB's are more popular with non-regular comic readers, which Buffy Season Eight would attract.
...did anyone else cry after reading "The Chain"? Those were my 2 favorite issues.


......also found "The Chain" to be very strong, and moving.


As a standalone issue I was surprised, but The Chain has actually been my favourite so far from Season 8, so much so that I had to go out and buy copies for my little sister and another friend who is a big fan of Whedon's feminism. I also have a print of the cover on my wall. I really found it very uplifting and profound, which I didn't expect.

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