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November 17 2007

Bailey Chase on Criminal Minds. Graham was on last week's(Nov 14th) episode and will reprise that role this Wednesday. But this time he'll be joined by Nicholas Brendon!

he was on this week's episode and he'll be on next week's episode with Nicholas Brendon. That's better. the whole 'this week's episode was last week's episode' thing was confusing.
Can't wait for Nick, this is still on my very short list of must see network shows.
However, anything that potentially replaces Penelope Garcia is going to raise my ire, even if it is Nick Brendon! :-) I need my "mistress of all knowledge and hotness" back at her computer! :-)
At last weekend's con, Nicky said
Who, say again? While I'm at it, "Criminal Minds", a television show, right?

These police CSI things all sound the same to me.
Sorry, just got a rush from nowhere. I'll toss "Dune" in the player and I'll be asleep in no time. Again, sorry!
This is like getting chocolate in my peanut butter. I love CM.
Looking forward to it. Last week's ending was awesome! Bailey Chase is in everything lately. I especially love him in his cowboy hat on Amazing Grace. And I can't wait to see Nick. It's been too long.
Madhatter ... trust me, this one is different. I long ago got sick of procedurals, but this show is so much more than that. And not for the faint of heart or gut.

And Nick is not replacing Garcia, I would be majorly bummed if that were the case. More I won't say, you can read the "spoiler" post ;) I usually hate spoilers but thanks for that, Sister Spooky
I happened across this this week and stopped because "Hey, that initiative guy from BtVS!" Have to say, I had a really hard time stomaching the A story but was interested in the Garcia story so I went elsewhere and kept checking back. The ending really did get me and I would love to see what they are going to do with NB.

Sidenote: NB and Bailey Chase never had any scenes together on BtVS other than the big group breaking Riley out of the initiative thing, did they?
Yes, I did not see that end coming at all. And to say I was shocked would be an understatement. Glad to read the spoiler, though, big time. I need my "lady of all known information and beauty." :-)
I loved the ending. SHOCKING! I can't wait for NB. Garcia deserves a nice guy after what just happened to her.
Yay, more Criminal Minds fans!!! Go Nick, you finally got on (another) really class act show.
I know this is off the front page now so nobody will see it, but my favourite line was, "When a woman tells you about her feelings, she doesn't want you to fix them, she just wants you to listen!"

Much as I like Bailey Chase (long before I saw him on BtVS), I never quite trusted his character in this episode, but I wasn't really prepared for what happened at the end. I thought he was going to try to get information out of her by getting close.
samatwitch - some of us jump thread to thread through the Recent Comments :)
And so now we know why Nick's new character will be brought in. Just hope they find a way to keep him, once Garcia's back in the "mistress of all knowledge and hotness" saddle ;)
New CM tonight!! Should be Nick's first episode.
I thought NB did a wonderful job and really nailed the "Awwww, what a great couple." factor that would be needed for them to bring him back. I have been looking for a forum to drop a comment about how wonderful it would be to see more of that relationship, but have not found one that makes sense yet.

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