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May 26 2003

Eliza Dusku on Wrong Turn, Tru Calling and Buffy. "I thought it (the finale) was fantastic. I was just really proud of everyone".

Have you noticed how Faith's dialog sounded more "hip-hop" than usual in the finale? "I got mad skills yo", etc...

Joss probably based that on the way Eliza speaks, if the Eliza clip from Punk'd is anything to go by. "I would never disrespect like that..." It seems that when she's not doing interviews, Eliza talks like Flavor Flav. :-)

I watched "Faith, Hope and Trick" and "Five by Five" again last night, and Faith didn't use hip-hop slang. But she's been in a California jail for a few years now, just like Eliza's been living in LA for a while. From tough Boston chick to California convict.

I wonder which bands Faith listened to in jail. :-)
I did notice a few too many "yo"s in her patter. It actually was a little distracting.
I'm not sure about her dialogue, because I'm from the Boston area and I say "yo" all the time. And I have said "mad skills" to my own horror but Faith was always about the "wicked" and "the kick." I guess prison changed her, heh.
Ah, but there's the Rocky Balboa "yo" and the Flavor Flav "yo". You have to specify. :-)

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