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November 17 2007

The "Done the Impossible" Easter Egg list in its entirety! Brian Wiser releases a list of all of the Easter Eggs on the "Done the Impossible" (aka DTI) DVD, all in one place!

In email from Brian: If you read that thread, you'll see it was communicated in random spurts before, but never that clearly or all together in one place. A few of the easter eggs may have been casually mentioned here and there over the last year, but most people don't know they exist!

There you go, gang - get out your DVDs and have a good, old Browncoat ball. :)

Cool! I'm going to have to break out the DTI DVD again. I've seen some of the easter eggs, but definitely not all of them.
Is that Jules again? My friends, I think we created a monster:)
Wha? Huh? :) Me? Naw... I've always been a mad collector of Firefly/Serenity information. I just have a little downtime from working on the new Big Damn Chefs cookbook before the rush that starts at the beginning of the year with new contributions, is all. :)
Thank goodness! I am horrible at finding Easter Eggs! And I've wanted to re-watch a few things that they showed at B3 but couldn't find them.

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