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November 18 2007

Serenity Screening at the Evansville Central Library in Indiana. Tuesday 11/20/07, at 6:30CST.

Tdbrown says "This is their first screening of Serenity, so c'mon out and show your support!"

So if you know anybody near Evansville Indiana...

So if you know anybody near Evansville Indiana...

Ron Glass. He was born there.
How neat.. nothing cool ever seems to happen here in Indiana. :)
Hey... I've staged two Serenity Screenings in Bloomington; Those were cool... even Shiny! lol :)

Yes, it's great that they're doing this, and I'd like to encourage everyone within driving distance to try to come. This is kind of an experiment, to see if folks'll really attend BDM Screenings at the Library. So help out if you can. Thanx!
I lived in Evansville for 4 years attending undergrad (go UE) and never knew there were browncoats to be found. Had I known the good Shepard was born there things may have been much more interesting.
I applaud the E'ville Library for supporting the cap'n and crew, i hope it goes well and I will enlist every alumn still living in the area to head on over.
Wow, Simon, thanks for the info.


Do you think the library knows that Ron Glass was born in Evansville, IN? Ron Glass' page
I'm not sure, Anony. They probably do. The person who organized this is a Browncoat, as I understand it, so likely "yeah". If I lived in E-ville (no pun, really!), I'd have a screening on his Birthday. I had the privelege of meeting Ron once, and he said he goes home to Evansville once a year, if he can.

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