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November 19 2007

(SPOILER) Astonished one last time. ComicBookResources has an early look at the solicitation for Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men #1, wrapping up Joss's AXM run in February.

Will the Avengers join their fight?

I'm guessing the Mighty Avengers. Though spoilers for Illuminati #5
Simon, if you look closely in Illuminati #5, that guy had the powers of multiple X-Men (including a Nightcrawler tail, if I remember correctly). Sort of like the Superskrull has the power of all of the Fantastic Four. :-)
There's members of both the Mighty and New Avengers on the cover.
I don't get why its #1...did I miss something or is a misprint. Shouldn't it be #24?
AXM #24 is still coming out (12/19). This would be Giant-Size AXM, #1. (If I understand how this works, Marvel could put out a GS AXM #2 at some point in the future, like at the end of another successful AXM run.)
*Insert hilarious joke about Dawn and Giant-Size AXM that I'm way too tired to think up at the moment.*
Why is Colossus punching Beast in the crotch?
How about... "So that's what embiggened Dawn reads when she's bored. Which is mostly always, because she is too giant for most non-stomping activities."

Oh, I see you said hilarious.

Is that the newly empowered Cyclops, without a visor? Also the question of who won't return is still bugging me. Colossus? Agent Brand?
One month between issues? What's the occasion?
With BKV's last issue and another Runaways coming, December is looking to be a great month.

Danger with them seems weird.
And Joss better not kill Hisako.
With Joss writing I'm just waiting for Kitty to bite it...
Wow, I was really surprised to see this. Hopefully there isn't a delay, because they shouldn't solicit it until it's ready. Still, #25s are generally giant-size worthy--and considering this is the concluding part to "Unstoppable," I don't see why it's not #25. Any way, I'm excited that this is happening, that Cassaday's cover certainly is astonishing, and that the guest stars are galoring. Still wondering about continuity, though. Wait and see and probably make up my own explanations...
Yeah, I'm worried about Kitty too. Remember how Joss said in his "Innocence" (I think) commentary how he would never, ever, ever kill Willow? I think he feels a similar way about Kitty. But, also, Joss is a liar. So he might still do it.

I don't have my issue #18 with me here. What did Blindfold actually say? Maybe when she says "not all of them" will return, she doesn't mean that they won't all come back alive; maybe some of them simply won't come back. Imagine Peter and Kitty staying behind to rebuild the Breakworld? (But then, I'm not sure why Blindfold would be upset about that. I don't know how these seers are supposed to work, anyway.)

If characters do die, I'm going to try to ignore the other covers for hints as to who lives and who dies. I doubt Scott will die (again). Peter would be a bit too silly a choice right after bringing him back. And Wolverine is pretty much untouchable. Agent Brand isn't likable enough for her death to matter, frankly. Hiasko is Joss' baby all the way; I could see him killing her off, but it would be a bit of a shame given her newness. So that leaves, what, Hank and Emma? (Lockheed?)

God, can it be February already?
here's the deal with the numbering. the current numbering will end at #24. and the conclusion of the whedon/cassaday run will be Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men #1. why? well, it's an homage to X-Men history. the original X-Men started in the 60's and ran 66 issues. #67-93 were reprints. the original team was cyclops, marvel girl, iceman, beast and angel. in the early 70's, marvel decided to revamp the X-Men and introduced them in GIANT-SIZE X-MEN #1. the team consisted of cyclops, wolverine, storm, colossus, nightcrawler and thunderbird. new stories w/ the new team started back up with issue #94.

when marvel signed whedon/cassaday, they originally only planned on 12 issues. they got along so well and decided to extend that to another 12 issues and end with a GIANT SIZE ASTONISHING #1. giving love and props to the X-Men artistic teams before them.

to my knowledge, no #25. warren ellis and simone bianchi are taking over the title after the Giant Size issue. it will be called ASTONISHING X-MEN: THE SECOND STAGE. most likely, with new numbering.
Heh, I like the jaunty angle of Spider-Man there. I'm really confused by the cover though. It seems to give away who survives the previous issue and really it seems like it has to be giant-er size to be a big Avengers crossover too.
I think I read AXM: Second Stage will continue the numbering, actually. Not sure where.

Theoretically, AXM is all taking place before the current "Messiah CompleX" X-over, so characters featured in that should be safe. Won't go into detail on who those are for the spoiler-fearful.

Also, it's not just an Avengers crossover--Joss said at one point that Giant-Size #1 would guest -star the entire Marvel Universe. :-)
Maybe when she says "not all of them" will return, she doesn't mean that they won't all come back alive; maybe some of them simply won't come back. Imagine Peter and Kitty staying behind to rebuild the Breakworld?

Yep it's all ambiguous like that. But it has been specified that one will not return.

Agent Brand isn't likable enough for her death to matter, frankly.

I'd miss her. She's rather complicated so I'm thinking she won't die just yet. It'd kill a lot of storytelling opportunity. Like what the hell happened in that snowbank. What is she?
I'm worried sick about Kitty too. At least she won't die in AXM #24 (which would absolutely ruin my Christmas). What's really troubling is that Joss said in an interview that he has something planned for the end of AXM that he asked the editors never to retcon. So if it's a death, it's possible that character is never coming back. God I hope it's not Kitty. :(

Hiasko is in Messiah Complex with the same uniform she wore in Unstoppable, so she makes it out alive. Kitty is the only Astonishing team member who hasn't shown up at all in Messiah Complex. It's possible she could just stay behind, but all alone??
And Joss better not kill Hisako.

What are you talking about, it would be awesome if he would kill the one X-Man he made up and turned into an X-Man himself so the character stays exclusive to this run. Legendary even.
Both Hisako and Kitty absolutely need to stick around since there's getting to be a lack of strong, female characters in X-books. So many have been written out (Jean, Psylocke, Jubilee, Storm is only a part-timer, Polaris & Rachel are stuck in space, etc). We can't loose any more female characters.
Emma covers that spot. And she's the awesomest of all anyway, so who needs the other ones?

Also, I think the one to not return might be Danger, as a ploy to keep the X-Men from ever using the Danger Room for training again?
I wonder if Kitty sticking around would have something to do with the awfulness of the Breakworld when she phases through it. It'd have to be all sacrificial and heroic and stuff. Oh crap, she's going to do something like that, isn't she?
I'm pretty sure that Marvel has said at one point that, even though Blindfold was all ambiguous, the meaning isn't. Someone not coming back means they die. My money's on Kitty for the simple fact that I'll probably cry and Joss sure does shoot for making me cry, doesn't he?

I was under the impression that AXM is after EVERYTHING in current continuity. Otherwise, why is Scott using his visor in Messiah Complex?

Please don't kill Kitty, Joss...

I can't wait to see Joss write/John draw Spidey!
I don't see how Unstoppable can be after Messiah Complex, since everything is changing after MC. Based on the cover of UXM 495, several team members are leaving. With no New X-Men solicited, the school may be gone. Unless it's fit into some sort of weird alternate continuity, it only works if it's pre-Messiah Complex.
When I said that Brand was too unlikable, I didn't mean to imply that I didn't like her. ;) But it would be a bit of a cheat, I think. Ditto to Danger dying--why would Blindfold care?

Scott, Emma, Logan, Hank, Kitty, Peter. Maybe Lockheed but I really doubt it. I think that's the pool of choices.

Scott might still use his visor just because he doesn't want to have to design a new costume. (Xander: "You know I only have two of these outfits.")

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