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November 19 2007

(SPOILER) Edmonton Journal Covers Nathan Fillion's Hero Project. Good article with new tidbits about Martin Firrell's public art project featuring Fillion's fantastic features, including details on the upcoming public exhibition in London.

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He shows up at conventions without being paid not just once but twice.

And on the Hero Project "He wasn't paid for the assignment".

Very nice...and man I hope people will take pictures of that presentation on a 5 storey building! And Nathan's profile is quite interesting. I wonder if we can see his nose hairs :P
I have to say, Nathan seems to be an awfully good sport in this interview, considering that some of the comments about his features sound less than complimentary. (And, by the way, in what universe is Nathan living if he can say he's "never been accused of being extremely good-looking"? Does the man not have Internet access? Or a mirror?) ;)
My favorite part was that Martin Firrell was inspired to use Nathan as his "hero" representation after watching Firefly!

After being included in People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive issue I don't think Nathan has a thing to worry about in the looks department. ;)

You can digg this article here.

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