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November 20 2007

Amy Adams stars as an "Enchanted" princess. Hey, know why that cartoon-princess-come-to-life in all those commercials for Disney's big theatrical opening Wednesday (in the U.S.) looks familiar?

It's Amy Adams, "Cousin Beth" from the "Family" episode of BtVS (and Oscar nominee for Junebug).

And also Jim's castoff on The Office, albeit the one Joss didn't direct recently.

I adore Amy Adams; her performance in "Junebug" was awe-inspiring.
She is getting raves for her performance.
I saw it last Thursday in Sacramento as part of a radio promotion. Adams really pulls it off as the cartoon princess who becomes flesh and blood in every way. James Marsden is pretty funny, too. The movie will likely get an Oscar nod for its songs, and Adams could snag a Golden Globe from this, too.
Amy Adams did indeed rock the casbah in Junebug.

This movie, however, looks decidedly like something I would not enjoy.
The 10 year old girl in me is so excited for this movie.
It has songs? Great! The funniest clips I've seen are where the Princess and Prince try to bust into song only to be cut off in very real-world ways. Glad to hear they manage to get all those feelings out. (Otherwise they might burn up and explode!)
I'm impressed with the tomato meter rating, i'll have to check this out.
I wonder if there'll be a sequel with a part in it for her cousin . . . .
I'm pumped for this myself. Looks like a real good time :)
Yesterday I saw Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts on Oprah promoting "Charlie Wilson's War." They showed a clip with the two of them and, as they both said loudly in unison when the clip ended, AMY ADAMS. Their promotion of her was very impressive.
Sorkin, Nichols, Hanks... and Adams? That's gonna be great!

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