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November 20 2007

Firefly box set $19.99 at Borders with coupon Wednesday November 21st only. Coupon (available on link) also gives you excellent deals on bestselling books like Harry Potter and CDs from the Beatles.

Firefly, Harry Potter, and the Beatles all in one place? My God, it's like Heaven! A Heaven where I would totally pay for stuff I love yet already have!

I was actually going to post about this, but I do have something to add: If you go here, there's a link to movies they're selling for $8.99 on Wednesday (coupon at link). The reason I mention this is, one of the flicks is Knocked Up which is not only a steal at $8.99, but which also features our very own Leaf on the Wind(TM), Alan Tudyk.

ETA: If you go to Best Buy the day after Thanksgiving (the fabled/dreaded Black Friday, whose inane madness I divulge in every year), they're selling Knocked Up for $6.99, no coupon required.

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I'm pretty sure Firefly is still $15 bucks at Target.
GrapenutsRobot is right. It's also $15 at Amazon, since they handle Target's online sales. The first two seasons of Veronica Mars are $15 as well.

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