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"This house will fall"
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May 26 2003

On set pic of Michelle and Joss from the finale. Deserves a caption contest, it really does.

Joss: "It kinda tickles."

Joss Whedon is revealed to be The First Evil.
Joss: "You see, this is what female empowerment is all about. Women pointing pointy sharp things into men. Even if he is me."
"What's that about me being whiny for an /entire season/? I don't think so, Mr Whedon."
"Dawn, you missed the spleen. Stupid, silly Dawny key thing."
Season. Whedon. Heh. =)
This article posted a few days ago showed this photo as well.
eeek, sorry about that jenguin.
I'm glad the caption under the photo points out that Michelle is the one on the left. It would have been too confusing otherwise...

Oh, and did nobody proof read the text? I think they've put 'Emmy' in the wrong place ;)

Can't do funny captions, so I'll have to settle for mocking the Yahoo News typists.
For those who are unaware:
(Warning: Exceptionally Poor Taste)

The Fark Photoshop Contest of this image
"You're still not listening, Dawn -- it's all about Power. I have it, you don't..."
"get out get out GET OUT!"

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