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November 20 2007

How Does Fox Keep Scoring New TV Shows from Geniuses? Seriously, how? A Metafilterer wonders, and so do I. Some speculation on the who's and what's that make Fox so attractive to creative showrunner- types.

I'd really like to believe Fox is ready to give a Joss show like Dollhouse a decent chance, despite all past evidence to the contrary.

How does everyone think the outcome of the writer's strike will likely affect Fox's willingness to allow Dollhouse (and other daring-er series) to grow organically and find its audience, instead of throwing it to the proverbial wolves?

Sometimes I hate the Internet. Keep reading the comments.

You'll see it.
On one hand, sure, Fox has a tendency to cancel high quality shows that don't give them X-Files ratings right off the bat.

But on the other hand, Fox also has a tendency to green light shows that might not have seen the light of day on other networks.

But on the other hand, Fox also has a tendency to green light shows that might not have seen the light of day on other networks.

This is correct, methinks. When you look at the work of Tim and Joss on FOX, you have a space western, a crazy girl story, a show about an illegal car race, a show where the central character is a pedophile rape victim and now Dollhouse. It's pretty diverse programming, for sure.
pat32082: The trolls may have started sooner, but the more recent comments have balanced them out.

I remember reading that Fox studios is not the same as Fox TV. So the showrunners have a great relationship with the people who get the shows made, and then the Beauty School Drop-Outs who decide programming try to cancel shows as quickly as possible. (I get the feeling that the studios are looking for something new and interesting, while the TV bunch are looking for clones of everything else already on the airwaves. Clashing cultures.) In any case, Mr Whedon has said (re: Dollhouse) that there's a brand new group of people in charge, so there's a shred of hope.
Sheesh, I don't mind honest opinions but some of those commentators clearly didn't know what they were talking about. I can notice those who clearly run with something they've merely heard about and had not confirmed it personally. It's not troll action that irks me the most, it's the effect of troll-ism on gullible neters.

As for Fox, I think it's always Lady Luck on their side, Sir Jinx on ours. I really hope the new peeps in charge we've been hearing all about do good this time around. I've been hurt three times too much.

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I have a love/hate relationship towards Fox and I admit I'm not always fair in judging their choices. After all, opinion towards certain shows always play a part. For example, consider these shows: "Tru Calling", "FireFly", "Dark Angel", and "X-files." They all had there fans, yet each varied in success. Go figure.

In the same breath, Fox seemed to treat each of these show with different levels of support. I mean, the race isn't even close. Given that this network is still supporting our favorite genre, I'll guess I'm willing to watch.
One of the comments says that Wonderfalls led to a spinoff movie... ah false hope, maybe if I believe the rumours one day it will come true...
I wonder if someone was confusing Wonderfalls with Dead Like Me.
There was a Dead Like Me movie? Where have I been?

Also, IIRC, X-Files had terrible ratings at first, but Fox nurtured it along. Le sigh.

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