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November 20 2007

More encounters with Joss on the picket line. A blogger relates his tale of how he met Joss and how getting a handshake could have gone horribly wrong.

way cool, dude. but if you get joss killed, we will all be very sad (and may have to send reavers to "talk" to you :)
Fun bit of trivia, all west coast radio stations start with a K and all eat cost radio stations start with a W, (The Mississippi river is the line of demarcation here.) so he's correct that there was a K in the call letters of whatever station interviewed him. Three years in college radio pays off.
I'm jealous. Not one, but two handshakes? Am I that unworthy! *sobs*

And for Joss introducing himself, so cute. If I were in that situation and he did the same thing, I would be like "Well, of course you're Joss. What, you think I have this dumb look on my face for kicks?"
I'm quite sure were I to meet Joss, my knees would turn into jelly. Like, literal jelly. I would collapse and later be put on toast. No one wins in that situation.

Except people who love jelly.
Joss carried the fan4writers table back to my car yesterday at Fox. Very nice man.
That is awesome, dreamlogic!
Very cool dreamlogic but didn't you think about the risks to his back ?!? That's his writing back for pity's sake, he uses it to support his writing head ! Could've been a disaster is all i'm sayin'.

Yep, I also do not want Joss to get killed. In fact, I think we should all try hard not to get Joss killed every day. My technique largely involves living on a different continent but i'm also considering not encouraging aliens to attack Los Angeles and not launching my own nuclear strike against the San Andreas fault.
And an Eddie Izzard sighting as well! Entirely, totally envious here.
Good idea, Saje. I'll have to tell my friends to stop wishing bad things to happen to 'certain people' there just in case Joss is walking by. It's gonna be hard though.
Ahh, I wouldn't worry too much, Joss has been around the block a time or three. I'm so proud of him out there beating the sidewalk and doing everything to gain support for our beloved writers. He is indeed a wonderful man!
Had a question...are British writers in the WGA? I mean, if they have worked predominantly in British media and have stepped into American media at some point, does that make them automatically eligible for the WGA?
While I don't want to underestimate your contribution to not getting Joss killed, I thought you lived in Scotland. Isn't that, technically, an island, not a continent?

Certainly appreciate your restraint on the not launching nuclear strike though.
"all west coast radio stations start with a K and all east coast radio stations start with a W"

and even more useless trivia - there is at least one exception to that: KYW in Philadelphia.

And, just to reiterate: no on the Joss killing. The world needs his scruffiness - we all need role models and how else would we determine the proper level of personal scruff?
barboo, i'm from Scotland but live in England though obviously neither by themselves are islands (they're attached to each other for one thing ;).

Britain is an island but we still occasionally (sort of, depending on who you ask) think of ourselves as Europeans and, Europe being a continent, I reckon we qualify as being on a separate one.

And yeah, it's pretty decent of me I think. I mean, what am I gonna do with these ICBMs now ? They're just cluttering up the living room.

(plus, even since that post I haven't dropped a large, super-dense metal rod from orbit onto the Los Angeles area)

Also, yep CaffeinatedSquint some British writers are also in the WGA, just depends on their credits.
You could always nuke the people doing the U.S. versions of British shows, hopefully (doubtful, but I live in hope) encouraging them to just air the originals in the U.S. Way to not bomb things, Saje, I think you've grown as a person today. Where ARE you from in Scotland originally, you extra-continental one man super power you? <- see how I kiss up to avoid certain irradiated doom?
I agree with the blogger on the awkwardness of picketing as a non-WGA writer. It's definitely worth stepping outside of your comfort zone to stand up for a cause you believe in, though.

And on a personal note, I would like to thank Saje and everyone else who has made the decision to refrain from obliterating Los Angeles.
Well I'm sure the picketers appreciate the extra warm bodies walking, carrying signs, and picketing (which I guess IS walking w/signage...never mind). Jane Espenson even said to feel free to network, not to be a nuisance, but you can meet people and talk (just be sensitive to it if they seem to not want to talk).

And I thought that Brian Lynch was taking care of the obliteration of Los Angeles, or is that a big spoiler for Angel: After the Fall released tomorrow by IDW at your local comic book ... oops, sorry, I went into commercial announcement mode accidentally.
What's up with this nuke thing? Always thought the fruits and various meats were enough in this room?
You can see the "Honk if you love Justice" picket sign at the beginning of this YouTube clip.
Got to love Sparks!
Thanks for not killing our Jossir, Josh.

If I'd known you had that kindof power, Saje, I would have sucked up to you even more and a whole lot sooner.

My hometown may be hell already, but no nukes is good nukes, or something like that. The sucky air is bad enough without fallout.

And I must say, Brit writers - even those not in the WGA or writing for the US - have been very supportive of the strike.

I'm 'specially fond of this Torchwood/Dr. Who writer's blog - James Moran's "The Pen is Mightier Than the Spork."

I also like James because he didn't write "Cyberwoman," but besides being true of so many other people as well, that's another story...
Oops, I didn't obliterate Los Angeles again (rain of fire and an eternity of Hell on Earth this time). Not obliterating stuff is actually pretty addictive, I could see it taking off. I may move up to planets soon.

You could always nuke the people doing the U.S. versions of British shows ...

Hmm, thing about nuclear missiles ? Not really yer surgical strike weapon of choice. Is there any way you could maneuver them all into a remote part of, say, Montana ?

(and i'm from Renfrewshire, specifically a small-ish town called Johnstone, near Glasgow or as we natives call it "Johnstone" - we were gonna get fancy but this just seems easier, I mean it's on all the maps and stuff)

Thanks for the link ElectricSpaceGirl, good video that (and the article author's mate made a nice picket sign too - "Spoon !" ;). "It all starts with the word", yep, that about sums it up. Knows a thing or two that Harlan Ellison bloke, has he written anything i'd have heard of ? ;-)

(and I like everyone that didn't write "Cyberwoman" QG - they all deserve a medal as far as i'm concerned. By coincidence I just watched "Severance" last week and it's a pretty decent little horror-film-with-funny-bits. Bit like "Dog Soldiers" in its slightly-OTT-but-knowing tone)
I would also like to mention that I fully support everyone who didn't write "Cyberwoman" *glares at Chris Chibnall*. Has Learners aired yet? I want to see Jess Stevenson Hynes and David Tennant!
Yeah, it was on the Sunday before last zeitgeist. I should say "apparently" because I totally missed it. Boo ;(. Because I was watching "Lions for Lambs" at the pictures. Double boo ;(.

(the DVD's out already though)
Not only did I not write "Cyberwoman", I never even heard of it before now. Seems to me I should get extra points for that.
My first thought on reading the description here? "So that's where he got the phlegm from hell."

Then I learned otherwise.
... I never even heard of it before now.

Well, you just made at least three people on this thread deeply jealous barboo, surely that's better than points, right ? ;-)
So has there been a support group established for those who suffered through "Cyberwoman"? Because it seems like one is in order.
"Cyberwoman" made me stop watching Torchwood.
It was that powerful.
And bad.
That powerfully bad.
And I am also jealous of barboo now.
Even though we're still not blown up yet - again and/or still (thank you again, Saje) - after I watched "Cyberwoman" I wished we were.

*joins the support group of pained people who are all deeply envious of barboo.

I will say that I did go back later, only to be hit in the stomach soon after by "Countrycide" - but then I watched "They Keep Killing Suzie" which was so much better that it gave me strength to watch 'em all. I think maybe it and "Random Shoes" are my favorites - though that doesn't feel like quite the right word...
Never seen Cyberwoman, but now I want to...

I'm complicated.

And in 2004 I drove down Pico. Just think what a close call that was! If Joss hade been in the middle of the street a mere three years earlier I could have hit him!
Guh. Still just stupefied that Joss carried that table for you, dreamlogic. Of all the scenarios I've ever dreamt of hangin' with Joss, this never entered my thoughts. How ordinary. How cool.
"Fox gave us lemons, so we made lemonade. 8 cents, No Negotiations."

I'm like 8 cents?? They ought to be charging 25 or 50 cents.

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Everything, in fact, from Cyberwoman through Countrycide I found to be very near to ghastly crap. Eventually, I did what many people told me to do: Watch the second half of the season. It does, indeed, get noticeably better.
Dreamlogic, that's an awesome thing! It's so wonderful that our man is courteous and helpful. No wonder he was made Employee of the Month. ;)

ETA: I am betting the radio station this fellow talked to was KFWB, a Los Angeles all-news AM station (AM radio? what's that? oh, that's where they broadcast traffic conditions every 10, ask your parents, or grandparents, if you want to know more).

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