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November 20 2007

(SPOILER) Newsarama reviews 'Angel: After The Fall' #1. The highly anticipated continuation to Angel's story comes out tomorrow.

Looking forward to tomorrow.
Ah, I never should read people's comments under these articles because they always make me so damn mad. Someone wrote;

I'm worried that this will just be a writers interpretation of 'Whedon lite'. Why not wait till the option on Angel lapses and comes back to Joss and then take it to Dark Horse and then we can see some real Angel and Spike stories.
Not this poor sad imitation.

Poor sad imitation? They haven't even read it yet! Why are people so cynical?

Glad to see it got a positive review, can't wait to get my fan boy hands on it and immerse myself in some new Angel goodness. It has been way too long. Wonder what character the reviewer refers to about getting a ‘new injection of life’ in a ‘startling ending.’ Wes? Gunn being vamped? Spike appears and has somehow been shanshued?
vampmogs, that's newsarama for you. Most posters there tend to condemn anything before it comes out. That poster in question showed how much he knows by saying Joss wrote every series opener for both Angel and Buffy. Heh.

This should be awesome, though. Can't wait!
I have to wait until Friday! That's when my comic shop gets it in from the US, hehe...
I won't get mine till Thursday. This story is just going to be so great !
Vortigunn, your comic book shop should get it in on the Thursday if you live in the UK.
Great review! Im so happy all the press so far has been positive!

I will probably be like you Vortigunn, I am in Brussels at the moment, and it will be Friday before I get it...grrr:(

Oh well!
Vortigunn, your comic book shop should get it in on the Thursday if you live in the UK.

Really? Awesome, cheers Simon! Really looking forward to this run, hehe...
I haven't been following this as avidly as Buffy release news, but will at least check it out.
Woo Hooo!!!

Didn't read the article. I like surprises.

My comic store will have one on hold for me, in case I can't get down there right away. I should bring the guy who runs the place double chocolate chip cookies or something -- trade one fix for another.
I'm ordering mine from TWFA and live in Australia, which probaby means I won't be seeing any sign of 'After The Fall' until early-mid December. :(

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