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November 20 2007

Angel's Past... In Order! This amazing fan put together a chronological take of Angel (and Spikeís) past.

Itís 22 videos at about 8 and a half minutes each, but fascinating to see it all together!

Extremely awesome - now hopefully YouTube wont yank it.
That is brilliant. I had always thought of doing something like that - now I dont have to:)
never mind.

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Hey, I was hoping someone someday would make this! My friend Tami and I had this idea years ago.
Awesome idea! Now I may be forced to watch all 22 installments. Now someone needs to make a Spike one.
Must disagree. Liam never agreed with anything.
This is so awesome. Trying to explain Angel's past to other people is so aggravating, especially when they look at you as if you have three eyes. Now it is easy and non-complicated!
There goes the rest of MY workday. This is just great!
This is terrible.

I just watched five of them, and then I realized how long I'd been sitting here, and how much more there was left. I need to stop!

Cool, and well put together!
Man, I've wanted to do this for the longest time. Its so addictive. The history is so rich!
I almost did this a couple years ago. I had all the flashbacks charted out over all 12 seasons, but I never finished it. Would have made for about a two-hour movie.

Kudos to the guy for actually getting it done.
wow ... just watched the first two and fell in love with the story all over again. Patched together like this the story still flows. Thanks to effulgent12 for putting in all the work and most of all for sharing :)
I'm away from home, with only dial-up, so I will have to wait for a while to dip into this...sounds splendid!
Cool. I had kind of thought of doing this too as an exercise, but I guess now I won't have to. I wonder if anyone's gonna try to piece together a sequel out all of the most important (arc-wise) Angel and Spike moments from 1997 forward...
Now someone needs to make a Spike one.
This includes all of Spike's flashbacks--in fact, it ends with his arrival in Sunnydale.
I fast-forwarded through them all because I've always wondered how exactly the backstory hangs together, but I'm way too lazy to go through the DVDs & figure it out for myself. It's pretty amazing. (Although Angel looks an awful lot younger at the end than he does at the beginning. Must be stayin' off the human blood is good for you :-)
Thank you, effulgent.
What's really amazing, it seems the guy actually made his own sound mix at certain spots. For example, during the "Mandy-scene" in the Diner, Faith has plenty of lines there in the end overlapping the events shown on screen but there's nothing here. The thing that is here however is the full range of sound effects that would be expected for that scene. And thus must have mixed them in himself. Really impressive.

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Great job!

Like others here, I also had the idea to do this. I thought, "Man! Wouldn't it be cool if I dug out the DVDs, found all the flash backs, put them in chronological order and..." But then it hit me just how long something like that would take. My cool idea immediately morphed into, "Man! Wouldn't it be cool if someone..."

Very cool.
Yes. Now I want the DVD.
Yes! I've been looking for something like this forever!
Without watching this just yet, did they include the earliest (chronologically) scene of the woman who would be Darla where she's dying in the Virginia Colony and The Master comes to change her ? I always loved that scene, seeing as it felt so right to show us a bit that involved neither Angel nor Spike, but the birth of their branch of the Order Of Aurelius vamp family tree (I'm pretty sure that was the name of The Master's tribe/group/"bloodline"). Not to mention the only glimpse of original human Darla, whereas Angel and Spike got two or three bits of their human lives shown.
Kris, yep, that's the first scene.
Best enjoy it while you can before Fox and their lawyers get wind of this...
Incredibly awesome. I'd pay a lot of money to have this on a DVD.
Thanks jcs. I am so watching this when I get home from work tonight.

Like a lotta folks on this site, I thought about doing something like this since the flashback crossovers of Buffy Season 5/Angel Season 2, but I was thinking in a more all-encompassing fashion. The bits of Molloch the demon, Anya's past...everything right up to probably the moment Buffy's met by Merrick in "Becoming". As disjointed as it may've been, I wanted a complete on-screen history of the Buffyverse in order.
Does it bother anybody else as much as it bothers me that you can see Darla and Angel's breath in the graveyard scene?
Does it bother anybody else as much as it bothers me that you can see Darla and Angel's breath in the graveyard scene?

Yes. That had me cracking up when I was watching it the other day.

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