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November 20 2007

Buffy vidder profiled by New York Magazine. Luminosity, creator of the amazing Scooby Road, was featured in New York Magazine discussing vidding and its history.

Some of her many vids, including Whedonverse ones, can be found at her iMeem site which she mentions in the article.

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I can highly recommend all of Lum's excellent 'verse vids - well all her work is amazing.

Couldn't have asked for a better, more eloquent and intelligent spokesperson for vidding.
Yet another reminder that I really need to watch Scooby Road. But the huge amount of downloading kind of scares me...
Everybody needs to watch Scooby Road. It's epic.
I absolutely adore Luminosity's vids. My favorite is the Ats vid "Struggle". Every minute of it is edited perfectly with the music and tells a story all it's own, down to the last heartbreaking seconds.

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Scooby Road made me fall in love with the Beatles. It made me fall in love with BtVS all over again. It makes me weep openly, until I can't see. Luminosity sent me the DVD--she knows how I feel.

It is indeed epic. Epic and excellent.
@Deird - Lum has streamed Scooby Road over at Stage6 - cut & paste this link
OK, how the hell am I ever supposed to get any sleep when people keep posting stuff like this? I've never heard of iMEE or Scooby Road but Luminosity's Spuffy vid to "The Other Side" has been one of my favorites since I discovered it on YouTube, earlier this year.

So I went to iMeen, I registered, I watched half a dozen vids & sent four to myself .... I agree with menomegirl about "Struggle", it's just .... wow!
And I haven't even read the article yet. Thank you, yourlibrarian, who needs sleep? ;)

And I'm cooking a major part of Thanksgiving dinner, starting tomorrow.
Must. Sleep. Now.
OMG! I love her! I remember finding her and sisabet's stuff on and being blown away, then devastated when headtilt disappeared. So glad to have found her again. And as a hardcore Beatles fan, I am really looking forward to doing the "Scooby Road" thing. My favorite album is Abbey Road, even. Nice!

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