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November 20 2007

On the Picket Line with Seth Green and Alexis Denisof. IGN has a great article and photo gallery of stars on the picket line. Other than Seth and Alexis, there are also cast members and show runners from How I Met Your Mother, Chuck, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Office and more. Click on Seth's picture to access the photo gallery.

I know this is a few days old - feel free to delete if you don't think it's topical enough.

I didn't ahve time to to anything earlier and can't from thsi machine but earlier I saw pics of Amber Bensons mugging with I think Tim McNear and another shot of her with her squeeze Adam
Busch on the line.

Still find it difficult to believe they can't work on things they haven't shopped around anywhere yet, since the struck companies don't own any pieces of that. Given his "Oh How 60s I Am" faciaL expression I can picture Seth doing a teeensy bit of "ovule-zageration."
Why do I read the comments at these links? WHY?
Hey, there were people arguing both sides of the issue there....
Anything with a photo of Alexis should always be topical. I loved the caption, and am saddened by the fact he is not on our TV's on a weekly basis.
I hear you, RavenU. He is way too brilliant to not be a series regular on a great show. Hmm....Robert Sean Leonard's long lost brother on House? FBI agent/potential love interest (for BRENNAN, people, stop your squeeing) on Bones? Oooh...I know....the new Buy More manager on Chuck!
Appears Garth Brooks is pitching in also. He's skipped appearances on Oprah, The View and the one late-night show still running. The guy is forcing me to almost like him.
TamaraC: Why do I read the comments at these links? WHY?"

I sincerely feel your very real pain. Each time I say I won't do it, and then I go and Do. It. Anyway.

What is wrong with me? It's like scratching a mosquito bite - you know you shouldn't, but you do it in spite of your better judgment..

Only sortof a digression - I was so heartened to hear in this BSG strike video featuring both Ron Moore and Harlan Ellison about tourists visiting the studios getting off tour buses and not going in because they won't cross a picket line. That rocks beyond the telling.
Help!!! Quoter Gal your BSG link takes me to a wikipedia page on a nineteeth century actress named Elenora Duse. WTF???
I think this is the actual link intended Shey (via another thread).

Yep, lot of ignorant comments on that board but such is the way of the net. Personally, I like to remind myself every now and then what it's like almost everywhere else on t'intarwebs (reminds me of going on Usenet before the S/N ratio got too low). And, of course, they're all entitled to their opinions, even the woefully under informed, ill thought out ones ;).

(and i'm sure it's been noted before but Josh Gomez and Seth Green, separated at birth or what ?)

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