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November 20 2007

Ben Edlund marches down Hollywood Blvd. In a small group of pictures posted to Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood Daily blog, Edlund marches as a WGA member with his daughter Ezra. Besides being the creator of The Tick, he's known to us for writing/directing on Firefly and Angel.

Wow that is a really unfortunate thing she is doing with that balloon.
Uh, yeah... I was thinking the exact same thing!

The little girl is adorable, but I think that was the "blooper" pic. Take 2 please... heh...

It is kinda cool though that Ben drew a nifty graphic for his sign.

Edited cuz I am soooo sleep deprived, and my eyes are becoming shaped like my monitor screen... yet still, my project beckons...

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I love his artwork, and considering his hands are full (w/sign and cigarette) he isn't in any position to get his daughter into a more appropriate pose (she is adorable). I love getting to see my favorite writers in these photos, even though I'm not getting a chance to meet them.
Ben Edlund rocks, big fan of his since the Tick animated series. I had no idea he works on Supernatural. I might have to check it out sometime.

But yeah, I didn't know that about Supernatural either. May have to give it a chance now.
Oh yeah, Ben Edlund has been a producer on Supernatural since season 2 I believe, and has written some of the best episodes of the show, IMHO. I'm a HUGE fan of the show, so I can highly recommend it. :)

I'm a little bothered that he's smoking around his daughter, but whatever...
Mutant Enemy writer Mere Smith made the cover of the L.A. Times in the print edition (I've posted the photo here in case anyone has a problem accessing the LA Times site.)

The cover story - print and online - was all about the town's economy being adversely affected by the strike, and was barely about the writers and this march. They've been doing that more and more lately - and just f-y'alls-i, they are owned by The Tribune Company.

Edited 'cause: d'oh.

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That's Mere Smith, huh? I saw her at the rally and on the local news, but I didn't know what she looked like. Much as, cute as the picture is, I still don't know what Ben Edlund looks like.
mwah!! Love it! You got to love clueless and clever all at once.

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