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November 21 2007

(SPOILER) Cover and Solicitation for Runaways #30. Newsarama has that and the previously mentioned solicit and cover for Joss' Giant Sized Astonishing X-Men Annual.

So, I found the blurb for the Runways #30 but which of those covers is the matching one? Just row and column number would be fine! Crappy format to put out the solictations, imo.
The AXM info was posted the other day, so I'll change the headline to show the Runaways info.
Yeah, I had to hunt for it a while. 3rd from the bottom, 3rd from the left (assuming the layout is not browser-dependent).
jam2 thanks for that - it was second from the left for me but, as you said, that might be a browser issue any way.
Nice cover, so I guess Chase gets his robotic arm back? Interesting...
Robotic arm ? Oh, you mean the gloves.

I love the new artist on this, but it's a shame the book's so delayed apparently due to him. I don't say that in any mean fanboy way, maybe some difficult stuff is going on in his life or he's spread across a few projects for all I know. Or maybe he's just a slow and steady penciler, there're a whole lotta them in the industry.
I didn't scan that as Chase and was thinking it was Victor. Though since I haven't been reading and I'm waiting for the the hardcover trade to come out, I guess that I shouldn't really comment.
It is a gorgeous cover, I love the elegiac feel. I think this whole run of Runaways covers has been outstanding.
Beautiful cover. (And thanks jam2 for pointing us in the right direction!

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