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November 21 2007

Only two more days until Eliza Dushku visits Mode. TV Gal gives us a quick reminder that our other favorite Vampire Slayer's guest stint as a just-released-from-rehab celebrity on Ugly Betty is coming up this Thursday. Can. Not. Wait!

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Wow. I saw SMG in Southland Tales two days ago. I just watched Amy Adams in Enchanted tonight. Then I came home to Bailey Chase and NB (excellent by the way) on Criminal Minds. Next comes ED.

Quite the old home week.
"Can. Not. Wait!"

So. Can. Wait! ;)

Really cannot stand this show and Eliza isn't enough for me to want to tune in. Can't bring myself to watch Desperate Housewives for Nathan and even though Eliza is waaay prettier I still won't watch a show I don't like for the sake of an actor or actress I love.

Eliza needs to do a guest appearance in Supernatural, maybe as a hunter or better yet a recurring demon character. I'd imagine there could be a fair amount of chemistry between her and Jensen, even if she was playing one of the bad guys.
Cannot is one word. (Sorry, it's one of those grammar things that always bugs me.)

Still, I'm glad to see her getting exposure.
Well, it wasn't much exposure. Turned out to be just two brief scenes. And, I'm sad to say, I didn't think her performance had the required tone. I don't think she's very good at comedy. That's been my one worry about Dollhouse. Joss thinks she can carry the acting challenge of being a different person every week. I'm not so sure.

Oh, and Seth Green was on Grey's Anatomy tonight, too. Buffyverse actors are everywhere this week.
I just loved Eliza's performance, she was very funny (of course I would have been happier if there had been even more). And didn't anyone (else) see Nick Brendon in Criminal Minds this last week? He made one very convincing computer geek; he had some great scenes and I had hoped more people saw it.
I love Eliza's comedy performences. She had me laughing last night. That laugh she did! Come on. And when she was tearing up the photo shoot set.
I love Ugly Betty and I thought Eliza was great in her two (yet too brief) scenes! It was fun seeing her play a different type of character plus she looked fantastic too!
I liked her two scenes. But the rest of the episode wasn't all that great at all.
She was playing an over the top character - I thought she did it well.
i thought she was a scream, altho' i almost didn't recognize her, her face seemed a lot thinner than usual.
Eliza was great! Short scenes, but very well done. Different from anything I've seen her do before, but she adapted very well to the tone of the show (which is very different from the tone of shows she's done before) - right-on-the-edge nuttiness, to over-the-top what-the-hell-was-that?

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