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November 22 2007

The ten best Thanksgiving episodes. Yes it's that time of the year when we get to chat about much fun 'Pangs' is.

Happy Thanksgiving to our American posters :).

Happy Thanksgiving! I was just thinking of "Pangs" and Thanksgiving episodes after Monday's "How I Met Your Mother"'s "Slapsgiving" episode. HIMYM's Season One episode, "Belly Full Of Turkey" has many classic moments in it. Thankstini, anyone?
I actually watched "Pangs" last night as preparation for Thanksgiving - yeah, it's best not to ask.

"It's a ritual sacrifice. With pie."
Huh, what?

Oh, right, Happy Thanksgiving.

Sorry, I'm Canadian. The time to celebrate "Pangs" and ritual sacrifices with pie was about a month and a half ago.

"Buffy, Thanksgiving is a sham!"
"Yeah, but it's a sham...with yam! It's a yam sham."
"You're not going to jokey rhyme your way out of this one Buffy."
Was planning on watching "Pangs" later this morning. With yams.

Happy Thanksgiving, all.
Replay action here. I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving as well.
"Ritual sacrifice... with pie."

Ritual, not animal. I hate it when they miss the humor while paraphrasing.
"A bear ! You made a bear ! Undo it, undo it !".

Happy Thanksgiving US type peeps.

(we celebrate it in September BTW - it's when the Mayflower set sail. Ba dum dum ;)
There is so much greatness in "Pangs"...the "Bonanza" riding to the rescue...on of the rare (and therefore welcome) reach for the cheap joke when Spike says, "Sorry about that, chief"...Xander's penis gets diseases from a Chumash tribe...Imaginary Xander being quite the machine...Willow's proffering of a heap of books as evidence that past wrongs need to be documented, and Giles's observation that the books are, well, just that...Buffy's unawareness of what a ricer is, but her aboslute certainty that they need one...Willow on Angel: I think he's lost his edge...You made a bear!! Undo it!!!

Oh, I think we'll watch Pangs today...
Just had to pop in and say the words "yam sham" but ya'll beat me to it. We'll be feasting today, AND watching Pangs. Must pay homage, yes? Plus, it's a great ep. Also will watch Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, because who can resist Owen? :P

See you tomorrow, about 4 lbs. heavier, and "oddly full"... hee.

Happy Turkey Day, all!
Watching "Pangs" now.

Wonderful episode, how we missed discussing it is beyound me.

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I only cook once a year (the rest of the time it's Mr R's job or we eat out) and it's always stressful.

After preparing my sweet-potato casserole, I poured a glass of wine and popped Pangs in the DVD player.
You made a bear! Undo it. Undo it.
Happy Imminent Domain Day everybody!
Happy Thanksgiving all!

I won't be watching Pangs today. We took Joss's suggestion and got "Newsies" for family viewing. Meanwhile, I am cleaning and cooking and being thankful that I have Whedonesque and Whedony things to distract me from this mess. ;-)

Even so, ritual sacrifice...with pie, yam sham, etc. they make me smile.

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Happy Thanksgiving Whedonesquers! I hope that everyone is going to enjoy a great day in spite of the Mutant Enemy pandemic. We have much to be thankful for (new comics, Dollhouse, and rewatching 'Pangs')! So I have to get ready for my own sham with yams.
Ah, I got it! Yam spam! Except, aren't yams just sweet potatoes? And where does the bear play in? I'm so confuse in this subject.
Happy Thanksgiving! I was just thinking of "Pangs" and Thanksgiving episodes after Monday's "How I Met Your Mother"'s "Slapsgiving" episode. HIMYM's Season One episode, "Belly Full Of Turkey" has many classic moments in it. Thankstini, anyone?

I missed HIMYM! It makes me so mad when I miss it! But then Heroes ended up being so shocking that I forgot about missing it. Dang-David-Nabbit!
Maddy, I think he was a shape-shifter spirit and the bear is a symbol of power and strength to Native Americans, so he wanted to be as strong as possible to fight his foe.

Spike's reaction is one of the best parts of that ep... along with Xander's "oops" at the end.
"Pangs" is one of my favourite episodes for all the moments mentioned above and more. I was too busy cooking turkey dinner for 11 people on Canadian Thanksgiving to watch it, so maybe I'll watch it today in honour of my American friends.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the American Whedonesquers! May your day be filled with good food, friends, family and lots of pie!
Z' may I throw fruits and various meats at close range?
We watched Pangs this morning after I made the pies (one pumpkin and one mocha pecan). No ritual sacrifice here, though. (No Tofurkey, either. Yuk.)

Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating!
Happy Thanksgiving or Happy Thursday, as it applies.
We celebrate Thanksgiving oddly...shrimp cocktail and chilled vodka, followed by grilled ribeye steaks and portobello mushrooms, red wine, and more vodka...we're adding to our non-traditional tradition (I've been doing this with rare exception since 1985) by watching Pangs...which we're going to do in a few minutes...Buffy will be part of our Thanksgiving tradition forever!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
Just wanted to wish all my Whedoncentric friends a happy Thanksgiving!

You don't need to be an American to give thanks for all the good things in our world (and our 'verse)!
" And I happen to think mine is the level head, and yours is the one things would roll off of."
I am always in the mood to rewatch Pangs. But this list actually made me want to see Northern Exposure, I watched that episodes many years ago but still remember it.
Happy Turkey-day to anyone who celebrates!
Happy Thanksgiving to all Whedonesquers in the US. Enjoy your turkey and Pangs.
As God as my witness, I though turkeys could fly.

With pie.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Belated Happy Thanksgiving to all, I was too busy cooking & doing all the family stuff to post (48 hours offline, there were definitely withdrawals) or to watch Pangs. But I intend to do so later this evening, with leftovers.

IMO Pangs should have been number one, it's a virtually perfect piece of TV with so many LOL moments, it takes easily three viewings to catch them all. Not to mention the basic premise and the brilliant way it's worked into our characters lives, and the perfect pacing, and the pitch perfect timing of all the marvelous BtS actors.

And in honor of the writers strike, a shout out to Jane Espenson, without whom this little gem would not exist.
DavidB: "As God as my witness, I though turkeys could fly."

A belated *snicker, snort* to David for this, as well as my Best Thanksgiving Greetings to all the Little Pilgrims out there who celebrated.

You'all are the Sham in my Yam.
I'm starting to get a headache.

Yes, a yam slam is a right nice thing for our writers. Can't wait, they have it coming!
hmm...a year later...

I'm going to watch Pangs tomorrow (it's one of my favorite episodes) along with Shibboleth (The West Wing), the WKRP ep is on hulu, I hear, and I forgot about Belly Full of Turkey! (which is scary,due to the fact that I recently started a 3 season rewatch of HIMYM, and I'm still in season 1 (which means I probably watchd it this week))

Quarter cup of brandy, and let it simmer...

(I wonder how much was Jane and how much was Joss polish...)

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