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November 22 2007

'Buffy: Panel to Panel' - out now in your local comic book store. Though the Dark Horse site still says it's out on December 5th, it actually shipped last week. For my money this is one of the best Buffy related items that's ever been released. It's packed with gorgeous artwork and some great comic book anecdotes.

This was a fab read and a snip at $20. It'd make a great gift for the holiday season.

I agree, almost as good as 'Fray'.
I looked through it and didn't feel like it was worth it. Of course I already spend this much each week on comics, so who am I to talk.
I read/viewed this in one sitting cover to cover and thought it was fantastic, especially the later artwork by Lee and Horton. In fact I'm seriously considering buying a second copy, cutting it up and framing some of these pages! Is that wrong? :)
I'm getting this tomorrow, I can't wait. In my opinion, some of the earlier comic art is better than the stuff in season 8. For example A Stake To The Heart.

Don't get me wrong though! I loooove me some Season 8 art as well.
I just reread A Stake to the Heart in my Buffy Omnibus vol.2 yesterday, and I really feel it measures up to Season 8 in both writing and art.

Still (eagerly) waiting for my copy of Panel to Panel to get shipped.
Hmm, i'll certainly have a look at it but it's a slightly expensive comics week for me (missed last week's pick up and there's the new Queen and Country trade. And the 'Dark Tower' hardback. And the 'Serenity' hardback. And the 'Heroes' hardback).

Still haven't picked up the Omnibi (? buses ?) yet either.

(it's a snip at $20, does that make it a tenner, give or take Simon or are we getting stuffed on the price ?)
I got it for 12.99 in Forbidden Planet.
Ah right, ta. That's not too bad when you factor in transport costs, shop mark-up etc.
I bought mine about two weeks ago when I picked up the latest BTVS comic. I had not heard about it but my comic store dudemade sure and showed it to me. I stood there flipping through it for a few moments. Then called the guy evil for turning my $3 purchase into $23.

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