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November 23 2007

Ryan Gilbey on how films and comic books are transforming each other. From the Guardian today; an article primarily about Southland Tales (featuring a nice picture of Sarah Michelle Gellar/Prinze in the newspaper that doesn't seem to appear in the online version) which mentions Joss and his comicbook writing in relation to his movies and tv shows.

Thanks for the post - it prompted me to reserve "The Prelude Saga" at the library. I'll have to read that before watching Southland Tales.

The article mentions an abandoned script for "The Fountain" that doesn't resemble the eventual film. It would be so great if non-produced scripts were available for reading. I know I would pay to read Joss' WW script. Hello, studio execs, are you listening? Revenue stream!
Good point, ohbejoyful! How does script release work? I'm aware of the availability of other Whedon scripts, either on DVD extras, collected in books, or sold independently.... Hey, Joss, what about your WW script to raise money for WGA or those non-WGA members? I guess the studio owns the actual script, huh? Rats!

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