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November 24 2007

A Firefly Theme Parody for ME Day. I guess Somebody had to do it: A very catchy ME Day Theme Song, set to "The Ballad Of Serenity". Cute one, too. :)

Shiny (nice vocals, too!). Now could someone burn it and blast it on a boom-box during picketing?

*Nods* Righteous.
It's in my iPod, under "Browncoat Radio". Let's hope for the best when they start talking Monday!
Did you read the version of Jayne's song somewhere underneath? THat's even better IMHO
Hey, thanks, TD! :)

B!x's strike lyrics to the Jayne song are GREAT! I'm trying to convince him to write the first part of the song so that we can use it on ME Day, too. :)
Ah, there's a ME day. Okay, whatever, always supportive.
Nice work!

Madhatter- check the archives for details on the ME Day to be held in support of the WGA.
Whoa, is this for the WGA? You could have save yourself time and trouble just to mention that little fact. Strong supporter of them, thank you very much.
I'm supporting the WGA by rewatching my Buffy, Angel and Firefly DVDs. No eyeballs in my household for the fancy-dressed, stingy men who sell eyeballs to advertisers. If they want our eyeballs back, they'll need to actually PAY their writers for internet broadcasts, instead of saying "Nuh Uh!"

Hmmmm. Justice. Doesn't taste chalky at all.

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