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November 25 2007

Midnight 'Serenity' on Mutant Enemy Day. In a bizarre bit of timing, the Nuart Theatre in West LA is showing Serenity at 11:55 PM on December 7 -- the night of the day of the Mutant Enemy picket line at FOX. Link goes to general ticket page, so you'll have to set the dropdown to select the date.

I'll be there! :)
Perfect way to top off a Picket/Picnic!

When you go, remember to stop by the counter and see if they are selling the Serenity Collector's Edition. It is a Landmark theater.
I'll be so tired, but I will be there.
So jealous. I'll be....not there. But wearing my t-shirt! GOOOO TEAM!
When the universe comes together to support you, it REALLY comes together!

Oooh, also: can we have nametags for the Picket/Picnic? I think we need visual aids to put faces with both our screen name and our RL names. At least I do; I suck at learning names.

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