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November 26 2007

Adam Baldwin talks about "Chuck". "Firefly" and "Day Break" both get mentioned.

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Great interview. I love this show.
Oops, I hope the water Alan got into wasn't too hot ;).

"Chuck"'s not must see TV for me but I do enjoy it. The one where he finds out what Bryce did for him had some resonance and it's always fun and good hearted.

(and i'm assuming Adam meant they'd finished writing episode 13 before the midnight deadline, if it was 12 then how could they fulfil the order for the first 13 without scabbing ?)
Saje, it's important to make the distinction between him saying they finished episode "112" and not just episode "12". As I understand it (and somebody with more knowledge than I may come along and correct me), you're looking at the studios' numbering scheme. The first 1 means Season 1, then the episode number. Except pilots sometimes get numbered weirdly. Could be 100, or some number like 401 or 701 (don't ask me why). But what it likely means is there was a pilot, and then the additional twelve episodes, including the one they finished writing, for the total of 13.
Saje, I wondered about the episode numbers, too. Maybe the pilot was the first episode but didn't count in the numbering 101-112?
(and i'm assuming Adam meant they'd finished writing episode 13 before the midnight deadline, if it was 12 then how could they fulfil the order for the first 13 without scabbing ?)

By numbering the pilot 1x00?
lol. I guess I should have refreshed... ;)
OK, i'm starting to get some sort of hazy impression from somewhere ... could the pilot possibly per chance have been numbered 00 ? ;-)

That actually appeals to the IT guy in me (and is, obviously, very appropriate for a show like 'Chuck' ;) but I have to say, most of the time i've seen pre-air pilots as 1x00, by the time it gets to the broadcast pilot it seems they're usually 1x01 - "The Starting Line" is 'Drive' script 101, "The New Girl" is 'The Inside' script 101 etc. - at least according to the PDFs i've seen).

Anybody got an actual printed shooting script of a pilot (on this board the 'Firefly' pilot seems most likely) to look at the numbering ? Otherwise i'm inclined to assume it's just a typo or a slip of the tongue on either Adam or the journalist's part (just to be clear BTW, i'm emphatically NOT accusing the 'Chuck' writers of breaking the strike).
According to Wikipedia and (more importantly), the pilot was episode 101.

Maybe they're not filming them or writing them in order, or maybe (as suggested) Mr. Baldwin goofed on the episode number.
"There's nothing wrong with supporting the U.S. military as far as I'm concerned." - hehe good old rightwing bush supporter Baldwin - he must be a good actor though, I still like him on screen even if Chuck is basically junk tv, there is of course delightful Yvonne Strahovski who is a life inspiring presence.
Hell, I would take an 80-year-old Jayne if it meant more Serenity. "Coming soon ... Serenity: The Golden Years: River battles hordes of Alliance Social Security drones while Mal and Jayne bicker over pudding or jello for dessert at the Serenity Memorial Extended Care Facility."
If Harrison Ford can revisit Indiana Jones well into his 60s, then it seems like the same goes for Jayne. He'll just get crustier, and most likely much more battle scarred, but still a great character.

Sounds like Adam is genuinely enjoying his new role on Chuck... and a lot of it could be due to the "Jayneness" of the character. Adam gets to do the dangerous dude thing, and also show his flair for the funny. He also sounds like he enjoys working with the other members of the cast, especially the star Zachary Levi who appears to be a real hoot to work with. Then there's the quite limber and athletic Yvonne Strahovski to provide the gorgeous, smart and lethal feminine element.

So, a funny, energetic, highly entertaining male lead, and a beautiful, dangerous female lead... with Adam providing the hard edge, heavy hitting, walking weapon, with a dash of snide humor. Hmmmm... somehow, this all sounds a little familiar. No wonder he's having a good time... heh...



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I always enjoy Adam Baldwin's interviews, he is so appreciative of the talent of his fellow actors. Chuck is definitely 'must see' for me!

And I got NO problems w/an aging Jayne appearing in a long awaited sequel (of course I have no objection to getting Serenity II sooner rather than later either).

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