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November 26 2007

The winning entries for the Space Western limerick contest. The judges included Keith R.A. DeCandido and Jane Espenson and a little birdie says that some of the winners were Whedonesque posters.

These were fun to read, as were the comments from the judges. One can almost hear Jane Espenson laugh at the humorous ones.
Yay, Jane picked mine! (does the limerick dance of joy)
Yay, and she gave mine an honourable mention! (joins Succatash in the limerick dance of joy).

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Hey, I know one of those honorable mentions! Neat!
Darn, I should have sent mine in.

There once was a captain named Malcolm,
whose pants were so tight he would talc 'em.
The talc made him cough
so hard they slid off,
and thus crashed the Millennium Falcon.

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Everyone should be proud - there were some seriously knee-slapping verses chosen - I especially laughed at the one with "unusual features."

However, Jane was right - Jacqueline Cabrera's was so unusually perfect and so wonderfully surprising in its emotion...

Congrats, all.
I'd just like to say that I'm shaking with the 'oh my god's right now because Jane said perfect in relation to mine, ohmygod eeee. *is Jacqueline* ... *is also geeking out!*

Congrats to everyone! I love every one of them. :)
That was priceless! Congrats to all.
LiLi/Jacqueline, your limerick was my favorite of them all, perfect indeed.

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