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November 26 2007

Seth Green voicing Mass Effect. If you've been playing the rather awesome space opera game for the Xbox 360 called Mass Effect and wondering who that familiar voice is, here's the answer. It's his outtakes.

I love his character in the game.
Totally with you on that, Obysseus. I was sat thinking "Wow, that Joker pilot guy is great! Wonder who's voicing him". So I looked, and it's Seth. Additionally, this the first game I've seen where there's a Writer credited at the beginning of the in game credits.
This has been up before. Along with a bunch of other videos of both Seth and other cast from the game.
There are a lot of actors I love in this cast, most who've done amazing voice work in the past. Seth of course; Keith David who was Al Simmons/Spawn in the HBO animated series of that franchise, also leading man/creature Goliath of Gargoyles; Marina Sirtis who aside from playing Troi on Star Trek: TNG played one of the best villains on Gargoyles; Lance Henriksen who's been in tons of sci-fi/fantasy awesomeness, both live-action and animated.

The reviews have been glowing and I love the sound of it. I've wanted to play a grand, involving sci-fi/space epic game recently and this seems to be the one to get. I'm trying to win an Xbox 360 right now...I'll never buy one...but if I won one, I'd buy this game right now.

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