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November 26 2007

Chuck Gets A Full Season Pickup. NBC has ordered another nine episodes for Adam Baldwin's show. Great news - now all they need to do is resolve the writer's strike...

Yay! It's so much fun watching Adam in this - glad to see that it will continue. :-)

Hopefully this points to good things. I didn't want to post it to the front page, because it's really only a rumor.
Yay for a whole season of Chuck!!! I love seeing Adam every week!
Yay!! and "Life" gets a nod too! Happy happy happy!
Yay, I'm very happy about both of these! Now if only Reaper would get picked up, that'd take care of all the new shows I've been watching.
Finally, a show with Adam that isn't being cancelled!
Cool! I'm a big fan of Chuck. Glad it's getting a chance.
Finally, a show with Adam that isn't being cancelled!

Hey, wow, good point, actually! He's had a bad run of things, hasn't he?

This news is great. Chuck was a real surprise for me; I never expected to love it as much as I do now. It's only gotten better. (And Adam Baldwin is no small part of what makes it so entertaining.)
I am enjoying Chuck too, it's a very endearing show, glad its getting picked up.
Good to know Adam will continue to get the show's best lines.
One of the few shows I watch live. Another great episode tonight!
Great. I was quite worried about this.
Oh, yay!!! This means that both of the new shows I've picked up this season (Chuck and Pushing Daisies) have officially not been cancelled. I was really worried about Chuck, too. Looks like sometimes the networks get it right.
Yeah, you know, I resisted Chuck until a few weeks ago. But once I started watching, it really is just an inordinate amount of fun.
I'm finding Chuck to be the most consistently entertaining show this season. It's completely mad, but (being a Buff/Angel/Doctor Who fan) I like that in a show.

It's good to have a show that not only is action packed and character driven, but is wholeheartedly fun. It's not "Dire, dire, we're all gonna die" every week, and it's completely unpretentious. I'm really enjoying this show.
I'm really loving this show too! Adam, of course, is great in it but I really enjoy the lead guy too. It's just a lot of fun to watch!
Chuck is the only show since Firefly that brought my husband back to the tv. We love Adam in this!
YAY for Chuck and Life!
Adam is so much fun to watch in Chuck and I love Life-
Christina Hendricks being in it just adds to the fun. :)
Both of these shows deserve this!
Because I am a bad, bad man that hadn't read the actual article (and only skimmed the comments at about 6 this am i.e. 6 am PC - Pre-Caffeine ;), I didn't realise 'Life' had been picked up for a full season too.

That is brilliant news. As i've said, I like 'Chuck' well enough, it's good hearted and fun but I love 'Life'.
They've really hit a stride, thought last night's episode was the best of the season.
Really glad that it got a full season.
What is the sound of a season pick-up made during a writers' strike?
If you hear the sound, you have not heard. No snowflake falls in the wrong place.
Hey, the strike might be resolved before Christmas, I've read.


Chuck is pretty enjoyable, but I got tired of it pretty quickly. There's nothing there to keep me coming back. Reaper, on the other hand, I am still loving.
My Life has been saved? Holy Hannah's Hat trick, I'm a Happy Hoople.

I've been enjoying Chuck for lots of reasons including the character development. And to see a funny Adam is great.
I've tried to like Chuck but always wind up flipping channels. But I'm very happy Life got a full season pick-up. That is a flat-out, no-hedging-or-apologies great show.
I'm enjoying Chuck more than I thought I would. I started out watching mostly for Adam, but am enjoying it now for the character development and relationship growth (which is the reason I prefer it to Reaper, even though I watch both).

I'm glad to hear it was picked up for a full season - and even happier about Life, which is 'don't miss TV' for me. With Pushing Daisies picked up as well, I'm just waiting to hear about Journeyman.
I'm sooo glad they picked it up. That last episode of Chuck made me tear up! If I wasn't at work, I'd be bawling. Another note: The actor who plays Bryce is hot stuff and Zachary Levi and Adam Baldwin are easy on the eyes too.
C.S.: I totally agree - Matthew Bomer (Bryce) is a major hot dude - he has killer piercing blue eyes like Hugh Laurie.

I couldn't even finish watching the pilot of Reaper but I am loving Chuck. It's interesting how different tastes are.

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