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November 27 2007

(SPOILER) Brennan and Booth explore new territory on tonight's "Bones". With 9 million viewers a week, the smart Fox procedural-with-a-difference, and a lot of heart, gets risky (and a little frisky).

If you've seen the promo teasers, you know what's coming. What will life after mistletoe look like for our favorite agent 'n' squint duo?

David Boreanaz: "It gives back to the audience what they have wanted for the past two seasons in a way that is smart and a win-win for everybody."

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I haven't seen any of Season 3 (grrr thanks to Channel 7 in Australia and I WILL NOT download) but I still don't know how I feel about this.
I'm with the article in shrieking 'Moonlighting!Egads!' but I'm quite sure that Booth and Brennan will get back to their bickering as per usual next week.
(Or maybe I'm just channeling my own not-so-good mistletoe experiences?)
From what I've heard at least they basically *like* each other despite the bickering. The cheers-Moonlighting form of "Sexual tension" is just so 2 decades ago really.
You're right - they *do* basically like each other. David and Maddie from Moonlighting never showed anything but the most grudging respect, while Bones and Booth actually act like partners. They don't hide things from each other, which I remember D&M doing. They also work well within a wider team of people, while D&M mostly had annoying subordinates to contend with.

So my opinion is that, while headlines love to scream the Moonlighting analogy, there really is more different about this show and the key relationship than there is similar. If a romantic direction were taken, I strongly believe it would be done with a lot more creativity, and with more respect for the characters, than happened on Moonlighting.
Hmmm...I'm thinking the results will be more along the lines of what we might have seen with X-Files had Duchovney been present more.

Giving fruit to the relationship usually results in a fall in ratings (or does it result *from* a fall in ratings?), so it's a big risk. But perhaps this will be the one that breaks the trend.
I find that they've been exploring the 'will they' question in a very different light...with every science vs. faith debate they have (though I admit they get old) tthey're exploring the fundamental belief systems that make them who they are...and in turn, they're figuring out for themselves whether they can truly be with, or live with, someone who just cannot bring themselves to understand your point of view. Not believe, mind you, even grasp the understanding. What Bones 'understands' about Booth's faith isn't actual understanding.

She knows that it is important to him, and she knows that he puts an immense amount of stock in God. But to her, those are facts that have been quantified by his statements to her.

She has seen the display of these statements, but she still does not fully understand the resonance faith has for Booth. Just like Booth can't understand how Bones can't accept that he is religious, and can't grasp how for Bones, science is the end all.

I think because they have been doing things like that throughout the series, it is much more entertaining. Mulder and Scully also investigated the belief systems of each a similar vein, Booth is Mulder, the believer, and Bones is Scully, hardline scientist. Only the fact that Scully was religious and had to grapple with the complications from science defying her religion.

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I just finished watching the episode and David was right, it was a win-win for everyone. I'm just sorry for all the people who missed this episode and don't watch the show on a regular basis, especially if you are a Boreanaz fan. His comedic talents are so much a part of this character. This show so often leaves me smiling because of the humor and/or touching moments. The show is about the development of the characters and the procedural is just the backdrop. The show is now far superior to the early episodes in season one. I'm just sorry we have to wait until January for new episodes, but I'll enjoy the December reruns as well.
The episode hasn't aired yet, but if what supposedly happens does happen, it's closer to Fox and Mulder than Maggie and David from Moonlighting. As I recall, she slapped him twice, and was about to sleep with someone else before it happened. With B&B, I hope it will develop into a pairing that sticks together after it develpps naturally with no massive UST beforehand. It's been a while since anyone's seen that.
it's closer to Fox and Mulder

You mean Mulder and Scully? *g* Mmmhmmm...kind of what I was thinking. And what CaffeinatedSquint said goes right along with that. Not that I'm holding it to X-Files, it just reminds me more of that than your typical Moonlighting scenario.
Having just rewatching Moonlighting on DVD - The problem wasn't that David and Maddie slept together - it was that the whole thing was handled badly. There were a lot of reasons - a pregnancy, a little movie called Die Hard, a writer's strike, the lead actress falling out with the head writer - it doesn't have to be like that on Bones.

I do get the analogy though - there's a lot of delightful verbal sparring between Booth and Brennan. And a lot of denial.
Just watched the was *very* nice. Loved the awkwardness afterwards and the whole "thanks for the gum". I love those crazy kids. And Boreanaz is fantastic in this role.

As far as the comparisons, I think their releationship is somewhere between Scully/Mulder and Maddie/David.
I thought this was one of the nicest Christmas episodes I've seen in a TV series. And, yes, DB's light and humorous touch is so essential to the success of this show, but this episode, in particular.
I hate that Moonlighting is held up as an example in every show where there is sexual tension. Can't two people who are attracted to each other have a little kiss now and then without it spoiling the entire show? It seems that Booth and Brennan have enough feelings for each other to kiss under the mistletoe without it being part of a blackmail scheme. It would have meant more and been sweeter that way. As it was it took all the spontaneity out of it, but it was a nice episode.
I do enjoy the chemistry between Bones and Booth, but I find it unrealistic that two people with such different philosophies could ever make a realistic go of it. I mean, someone so staunchly atheist and someone so believing? I can imagine a decent, respectful working relationship; but a romance? Very hard for me to believe, and so while the 'what if' is fun...I'm always thinking, "No way!"

BTW, DB always looks like he's having so much fun. He looks happy.
The kiss was very well done, from why they did it (love that lawyer lady!) to how they acted afterwards. Bones always has the best Christmas episodes. :)
Quite well done. In some ways it was playing with the die-hard 'shippers a bit and personally (because i'm very much over the apparent necessity to have a will-they/won't-they dynamic in every mixed TV partnership) I think that's always fertile ground for plots/laughs ;).

And no, I don't see an actual romance making sense between two such different people. I can certainly see them having sex because they're clearly attracted to each other and I can definitely see them having a strong working relationship and friendship (because, y'know, they already do ;) but for a romantic relationship to work either your world-views have to be somewhat similar OR one of you has to not particularly care one way or the other.

That's not the case with Booth and Bones, his faith is very important to him and so is science and the Truth to her (which is why she can't truly understand his faith, it doesn't even fit into her perspective except as an anthropological curiosity).

And yep, the tension on 'Bones' and 'Moonlighting' is a fair comparison IMO, as it is with any will-they/won't-they situation. 'Moonlighting' was one of the templates as far as modern TV goes for that type of thing and is obviously especially noteworthy because after the tension was released the show went downhill fast (whether that's just correlative or also causal is up for debate).

Also, small thing, but to me Mulder wasn't a believer in the sense Booth is. Mulder was, in fact, very sceptical about things he had no evidence for (like God, until his character completely about-turned at the end) - in the world of 'The X-Files', Mulder was just following that evidence and applying his "spooky" cleverness to ideas that Scully dogmatically disbelieved, no matter what she saw or experienced. This isn't the same as religious faith.

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