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November 27 2007

'PS. I Love You' images online. James Marsters and original Buffy movie cast member Hilary Swank star along side Gerard Butler for this romance movie.

IESB.NET have the images online. Marsters can be spied near the bottom.

This is a good movie. We've been having screenings of it at work.
There are more here ......
Thanks, Shey. It's not the sort of film I usually bother with, but for JM I might break my habit. Do we know how many scenes he's in?
I might be seeing that just for Marsters... okay okay, and a smiling Jeffrey Dean Morgan. We need more of those in the world.
Gill, according to reports James had one or two big scenes with the leads that were cut from the film. Sucks if you ask me. He's the only reason I'm watching this romance movie. Many are hopeful though that it'll appear as an extra in the DVD. Here's hoping!
This movie looks painfully awful.
This isn't the kind of movie I would ever go see, but for James I'll be first in line. And just like Mirage, I hope the big JM scenes are in the DVD, which I will also be first in line to buy. Ah, the things we do for love....
The book was very good (IMO). I'm curious to see what they've done with it. It has definitely been Americanized (since I definitely recall it taking place in Ireland or England before). I haven't checked IMDB yet, but I'm guessing that JM plays John in the movie (based on the clips I've seen in the trailer). And if that's the case, he wouldn't play a huge part in the movie - which is a bummer for all the JM fans. Call me pathetic, but I'm excited to see the movie because of two hunks named Gerry Butler and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Prrrrrrr!
"original Buffy movie cast member Hilary Swank" -- that made me laugh out loud. Y'know, she won an Oscar....
I've wanted to see this movie because I'm a sap at heart (shh... don't tell anyone!)

JM being in it is just a bonus.
Yeah, I never read the book, but didn't it take place in Ireland? Now it seems Gerard Butler's the only Irish one. So that's kinda annoying, but oh well... I'm still seeing it for JM, just might wait to rent.
I just saw this trailer on ABC Family. James has said if you blink you'll miss him in it. I might just watch it for Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
One thing that could be added is that Jeffrey Dean Morgan once guested on Angel (ep: Provider). So make that 3 whedon alumns in this movie.
"original Buffy movie cast member Hilary Swank" -- that made me laugh out loud. Y'know, she won an Oscar....

She won two Oscars.
And Gerard Butler's not Irish. He's Scottish :D

Although this is not the type of movie that I would ever choose to see at the theater, because James Marster's has even a small role in it, I'll be first in line when it opens!
my kind of movie....(yeah sue me i'm a Romantic)...James' role must be pretty small though...but i love gerard and harry connick jr, so it will be ok :D
LOL, Nebula1400... my friend actually saw Hilary Swank getting out of a taxi once and when she told me I was like "Wow! Cool! She was in the original Buffy movie!"
Well I have heard that most of James great parts were cut, but I am still happy to be looking at the lovely stills of him that are coming out.
And I'll be going to see the split seconds of James time. It'll be worth it.
Giant big screen James for a few seconds is better than no big screen James at all.
And with you all hoping for some DVD extra time.

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Nice big lovely pictures. I can't wait to see this film. Yeah, it's a chick flick but I can bare with that for James. Plus Jeffrey and Harry.

Big screen James is a thing of beauty. :0)
awww all this talk of big screen James has me missing the sing-a-long... Sigh. I haven't yet decided if I will try to pull of seeing this in the theaters yet, but I will certainly be watching the DVD in either case.

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