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November 27 2007

Poster Contest For The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Fox is sponsoring a contest for fans to create a promotional poster for Summer Glau's Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The creator of the winning poster wins a trip to Los Angeles for the show's premiere party.

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I honestly believe I am physically incapable of NOT entering this contest!
Well, then the rest of us shouldn't bother! Well, not that I would anyway.
That's a nice bike prize.

This part of the rules made me smile:
The Poster must not contain material which is (or promoting activities which are) sexually explicit, obscene, pornographic, violent (e.g., relating to murder, the sales of weapons, cruelty, abuse), discriminatory (based on race, sex, religion, natural origin, physical disability, sexual orientation or age), illegal (e.g. underage drinking, substance abuse, computer hacking), offensive, threatening, profane, or harassing as determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion.

(my emphasis)
Have they seen their own show ? At all ? ;)

(it then goes on to say, "If you enter, Fox own everything you ever do, touch, smell, see or think about". Well OK, it only says they own the poster. Is that fairly standard practice ?)

Good luck to all that enter though. If your poster's the same standard as your T-shirts I reckon you stand a decent chance lexigeek ;).
Note that you can only use the elements they provide, and nothing else.
Note that you can only use the elements they provide, and nothing else.

Yeah, I caught that. That'll definitely make it more challenging to stand out. The rules are pretty stringent, and you can only submit one entry. But the second round of the contest, after it's been narrowed down to 5 entries, is open to public voting. Too bad I don't know a large, well-organized group of people who can mobilize on short notice ...
Three of the four official posters on the page feature robot-action-River. They look pretty cool and make me hope Summer will be a big star.
Have they seen their own show ? At all ? ;)

Have they seen their own posters? ;-)

Sorry. Couldn't help myself.
Open to US residents only...

Being from outside of the USofA, I can't enter the contest--but hey, I'll happily take some high-res images of Summer off their hands.
Well OK, it only says they own the poster. Is that fairly standard practice ?

Saje, I help run an annual, completely un-Fox-related poster contest, and yup, them's our rules, too. Or, at least, that "we own it" one.
My devious mind has already found a way around the "Only use these images" rule. You could take one pixel from one of their images and use it thousands of times to spell out "Do NOT cancel this show" or similar. Technically you're still using their image...
Yeah but is a pixel an image ? And since we're here, is a single grain of sand a heap ?

Ah, cheers RambleOn623. Thinking about it, makes sense from a legal cover perspective. If in 20 years time Fox use a poster that looks like the entry (even coincidentally) they don't want to be sued by some insane graphic artist with a grudge.
You beat me to is Crossoverman :)
Mine's almost done, I think.
I can't do mine until I get home, and it's KILLING me! I haven't been able to concentrate all day!
Sometimes, I really think about moving down to the US just so I can take part in contests like these.
For those who haven't seen it, there's some viral marketing being set up for the series.
Must. Stop. Tweaking. My. Submission.
I'm almost done with mine. Can I see yours when you're done?
Not only is this great so that our resident poster gods Theonetruebix and Lexigeek can tie for the win, but also great considering how queasy the previous 4 posters made us all fee.
The previous posters did not "make us all feel queasy." I had no problems with them, and I wasn't the only one.
Yep I liked them too (I can see how they might cross some people's lines though).
Am I missing it, or does it say what the dimensions are? Should I assume regular poster size?

What file format do they want the submission in?

The rules say an entry form must be completed, but the page simply says submit it to an email address. What form?
Yeah, the rules are kind of wonky. They clearly adapted them from a previous contest. If you take a look at the title bar of the contest rules popup window, it says "Kitchen Nightmares," not Sarah Connor Chronicles! :) I'd just send your file into the e-mail address that's listed at the top of the page.

And no, there's no mention of dimensions. Only that the file needs to be 10 MB or less. I'm just going with a fairly standard poster size and hoping that works.

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