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November 27 2007

Nathan Fillion Sexier Than Damon. Nathan Fillion is #1 on a list of five men deemed sexier than People's 2007 Sexiest Man of the Year.

But donít be fooled, his rough and tumble exterior houses a melty heart of gold.

What is exactly is a melty heart of gold?

Also George Clooney is my sexiest man of 2007.
Yes to number 1 and number 2! Nathan and John are my weaknesses and totally deserve top spots in People's Sexiest Man of the Year.

Simon - George Clooney is just sexy all the
Plus, Clooney's a past winner. Let's nominate a fresh face - say, ummm... - Damien Lewis! ;)

(Have to agree Nathan is sexier than Matt. Matt's a cute guy, but Nathan is fierce!)
About time!

Nathan is absolutely my favorite "guy to drool for" (and isn't THAT a sexy image?). About time he got his props.

Damon has never done anything for me. A bit too Neanderthal for my taste.
Hmm, so does that make him #1 Most Sexy or #1 Most Overlooked ? Confusing.

Also, does this mean that Matt Daaaaamon is technically #6 on's list ? Cos on average, that's still sexier than Nathan, sorry fella, s'just numbers (unless NF was actually on the People's list).
Is it just me or did they use extremely unsexy pictures of those people?
Extremely unsexy pictures on that list - even the Matt Damon one makes him look constipated!

Matt Damon is the sexiest man alive, but throwing other sexy men at the problem is one way of passing the time. Although Adrien Brody... uh, no.
UMMMM "it seems like these little lists are nothing more than a popularity contest with everyone reliving high school all over again" I can't beleive he hedged and said seems like. I mean, these polls have as much to do with true sexiness as the Playboy Jazz and Pop Poll has to do with musical accomplishment in the past year.
But yay! on both Nathan and Adrien, I don't know the other 3.

(Admittedly I've always been a bit "off" on thsis ort oft hing. Bavck around 1978 everybody was hanging pictures of Farrah Fawcett, Cheryl Ladd, Suzanne Somers, Susan Anton, et-bloody-cetera and I was complaining that I couldn't find any hot pics of Brenda Sykes.)
Have to agree that Matthew Gray Gubler is way hotter than Matt Damon. He is wonderful on Criminal Minds.
Uh...Saje? Nathan did make the list in People magazine. Page 144, as I understand it, so about midway through the Top 100. I think;)
I actually found this list while looking for Nathan's People list picture. I still haven't seen it... the one time I was on line at a grocery store trying to find it, I a) forgot the page number and b) had impatient people behind me, so I couldn't dawdle. And for some strange reason I didn't just buy the issue (I don't know why not, since I've been known to buy magazines for photos of actors before... Armand Assante a long time ago, for instance... and Jude Law back before he got seedy, and Johnny Depp). And next time I was in a store, it was gone. Sniff.

(Oh, also, I was at the store with my husband, and too embarrassed to buy it in front of him. I should have just gotten over it.)

P.S. Simon, I have to agree... no matter what year.

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Ah, still not high enough though unfortunately BlueEyedBrigadier (Nathan is, on average, about the 25th Sexiest/Most Overlooked Man Alive 2007, Matt Daaaaamon is about the 3Ĺ th sexiest).

Still, to a first approximation, when you consider it's out of around 3 billion, 25th ~= 1st.
Well I have to say Matt Damon does it for me, he is muy sexy for me, but Nathan Fillion has that comfortable laissez faire quality about him that Matt Damon doesn't. I mean it helps that I do get to read Nathan's blog entries and I am an uber fan of him. although this is not only due to his Firefly experience but because of the numerous stories about his generosity.
And he's the only one on that list that I agree with!

Seriously, not sexy.
In keeping with the discussion of Nathan Fillion's sexy status, apparently Nathan made Nerd Man of the Month on this blog. :) They reference the People magazine mention.
You can digg it here.

Edited for unneccesary punctuation. Sheesh.

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Obviously Nathan belongs here, and also Matthew Gray Grubler, who carries the geek flag on this list. Maybe two guys from Criminal Minds would be a stretch, but Shemar Moore would be high on my list of "overlooked" sexy men, as would Peter Krause.

And hello, where the hell is Julian MacMahon on any and all sexy lists in the known universe, and the other two hottest men in the whedonverse, James Marsters and Alexis Denisof?

Good thing it's all meaningless and subjective ;)

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