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November 28 2007

Angel: After The Fall #1 goes to third printing. IDW issue a press release to mark the success of the first issue. And the cover art for the third printing can be found here.

Yeah, it was so successful that the comic shop at which I had reserved my copy won't be able to get me one until 2 weeks after it was distributed. That's at the earliest. The owner says it will likely take 3 weeks until more come in.

This is very, very frustrating for people like me, but if it means that Angel: After the Fall is wildly successful, then that's a silver lining. Let's just hope IDW & company are ready for issue #2. They have no excuses now not to be.
That is great news! I think IDW knew it would be succesful - but not this succesful!
Angel: After The Fall #1 goes to third printing

And Chris Ryall's kids go to college ;-).

Good for IDW (and it can't hurt Mr Brian Lynch Esq. either), well deserved success IMO.

(but then I would say that, I got my two copies without any trouble ;)
Well, that's just awesome! This book's a-sellin' like hot cakes, yessir yessir!
Woo Hoo, great news!!
Does anyone know how many books were produced in the first printing? Or for all three?
I've added a link to the cover art for the third printing.

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Those comics have teams of writers/artists or very long lead times. This title doesn't. Possibly, with a very clear plan and copious notes, the writing could be done week on week but for a single artist, it'd be impossible to draw all those pages in 7 days.

If you don't like the story being interrupted (and I understand that) you can always wait for the trade paperback Bruce.
Congratulations to Brian and Joss ... this is awesome news.
Mr Chris Ryall Esq., Keeper of the Flame, Father to Child (singular ;) was kind enough to pass on this link to a couple of new pages from Franco Urru over at the IDW forums.

Looking good I reckon, I like Angel with a proper game face, sometimes I think he doesn't look mean enough in the comics but Urru puts a lot of hard into his vampires IMO (Spike also looked pretty vicious in Asylum especially). But if Gunn's . It's like ;).

(and apparently Mr Ryall's kid - no 's' - doesn't get a magic free college pass until the 19th printing so get buying. OK, OK I made that up, he's actually NOT on any kind of multiple print related bonus scheme, worse luck for him ;-)

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