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November 28 2007

Buffy's Charisma Carpenter, Husband Split. Charisma Carpenter has called it quits with her husband of five years, according to People...

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I wish the best to the both of them.
If this is indeed the case, I wish for them an amicable split, if just for the sake of their child.
Too bad...and they were planning a church renewal of vows for their 5th anniversary. Best to 'em.
Opps , the current issue of People says they are relishing family life together.

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People does not know how to count..they were married Oct of 2002..that is 5 years not 4.(it is 2007)
Yeah, I was going to say- I ran into them in BH 4.5 years ago, and they were definitely already married then.

Their son was unbelievably cute and they seemed very devoted both to him and to each other. Sigh...
Maybe since no one is sure, this thread should be deleted. And it's really none of our business anyway.
SillyD says:
"People does not know how to count..they were married Oct of 2002..that is 5 years not 4.(it is 2007)"

lol that is true. I should change that.

And Harmalicious, I'm not saying that PEOPLE is 100% accurate, but the story sure has not been refuted by Charisma's camp. If the story is false, then this thread should be deleted. (I do hope the story isn't true, but you never know...) And you're right, it really isn't our business, but this site features any kind of news on our favorite actors of the Whedonverse. Therefore, information that pertains to BtVS/AtS alum, etc., should be featured, like if any of them welcomed a new child into their lives, you would probably hear about it on here, since it pertains to the "whats happening with them now" type of news. And I'm pretty sure if SMG was getting a divorce, you probably would be interested. Something like that would be posted on here too. God forbid that ever happening.
Well, People changed it to 5 years now, hehe.

And yeah, this isn't just from a random gossip site, Charisma's rep confirmed the separation.

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