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November 28 2007

Interview with Jane Espenson. Jane talks about picketing, BSG, and Finding Serenity.

(the collection of essays she edited that includes "I, Malcolm.")

Glad to see that I'm not the only person that watched Alien Nation (the series). I'm cooler than I thought, now that I know Jane was fond of it!
That should be Serenity Found, which is the second book, including "I, Malcolm".

Which in fact came through the post for me today. Exciting!
As a fan, I am worried. As a writer, I am assured by Ron (Moore, the executive producer) that we will finish this story.

So say we all. Cross 'em if you got 'em peeps. Total respect for RDM and the other writers's position but jeez, I hope we get to see the end of that story.

(and I always forget what a great show 'thirtysomething' was until someone smart and witty and Espensonian reminds me ;)
My fans take good care of me.

Damn straight we do, we love our Jane. As always, just tickled pink to read her interviews. Insightful and honestly to the point. Much like her writing. She mentioned several points that I've found to be true here as of late.

The first, most people aren't following the details of the writers strike. Now, that's understandable for the average Joe, but I'm starting to realize that many "in the know" fans aren't paying attention as well. These past three weeks, I ran the question past a few of my friends (BtVS/AtS/BSG/internet greeks, ect) and they didn't have much of a clue of the details of the strike. Needless to say, I filled in the details. Enough about that, don't wish to throw this post off topic.

Did any of you get the impression that Jane was playing "Crosswalk" button tag and watching the results? Oh, I know, Jane would never do that;)

I just love her outlook on the future. She has so many paths open to her and that just warms my heart so. We'll always have our Jane, whether its with Joss or Moore or whomever. She has forever imprinted her talents in our minds and we'll carry them 'til tomorrow.

Oh, almost forgot. Jane, really love your work. More please!
Not so good, but a fan sent me arch supports -- Dr. Scholl's, actually -- so I couldn't be happier. My fans take good care of me.

Oh, wow. What a thoughtful fan.

Our group shouts because our group is very organized. We know what we're there to do, we have our little list of chants and we chant and we get it done.

... and I admire her even more.

I thought I said goodbye to Buffy, and now I'm going to write one of the Buffy comic books. I know what my story is, and I'm so excited. I haven't written it yet, but Joss already said, "OK, here's the basic idea behind your book."

I need a better word for awesome.
FYI, this link goes to the "more" link, which means one has to scroll up to actually start at the beginning. Fixy?
I thought I said goodbye to Buffy, and now I'm going to write one of the Buffy comic books.

Excellent! If I've read confirmation of this before Id completely forgotten about it - I knew that ME writers would be involved but hadn't registered details beyond the next few issues - so the reminder/news has put a great big smile on my face.
I'm getting "File Not Found" :-(
That's because the edit took off "l#more" instead of just "#more".
Oh to be a bee, a buzzy buzzy bee. Yeah that went well. All fixed now.

I hope.
Thank you, Simon! Question, how long have you been feeling like a buzzy bee?:)
I'm really looking forward to Jane's comic book.

Great interview, as always.
That is such a cute picture of her! It's fairly new too. Great read...thanks for posting.

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