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November 28 2007

Angel box set buy one, get one free. Deep Discount DVD offers the Angel Collector's Set for $97.96. Buy it and get another Fox/MGM box set of equal or lesser value for free.

Go in with a friend and score yourself all five season of AtS for $48.98! Shipping is free. Offer ends December 16. Use coupon code BOGOFOXMGM at checkout.

Individual BtVS and AtS box sets are also part of the promotion, but BOGO does not yield all-time low prices.

AWESOME. I just got the box set of Wormhole Extreme for my SO and Angel for me. ($100 box set--FREE!) My Christmas shopping is complete! Thank you karosurly!
hmmmm.....I'm very tempted to grab two Angels. Maybe someone would want to split the difference?
Getting the entire set of The X-Files and The complete set of Angel for $230 would be a sweet sweet deal but silly me has already spent that cashie money on a plane ticket to ME day in LA next week. Le Sigh.
Miss Harmalicious... I would be tempted to split the difference. That would be a steal!
Oooh... I might have to nudge my wife towards this for some shopping suggestions.
Wow. I just bought 2 of them (1 for me, 1 for a friend) about 2 weeks ago during their 20% off sale ($78 apiece!). Wish I had waited, but it was impossible to foresee this deal.
Raggedy Edge - did you just e-mail me? If that's you, then you got a deal!
Looks like the best way to work this deal is to get the complete X-Files and complete SG-1. $231 total for 19 seasons of TV
I didn't, but I could e-mail you. Golly, if I missed out, then Doh!! I'll have to combine my forces with another....
Anyone wanna go in on this deal w/ me? Shoot me an e-mail
Freakin' sweet!

I got the Family Guy boxset for my nephews for Xmas, and scored a free Angel set for moi! I saved so much I've actually MADE money, really.
They're doing this again? But I still haven't even watched my Roswell set from the 2-for-1 TV-sets from last year! Must... resist... temptation...
I'd love to go in on this with someone. Just email me at bgilreath at if you're interested!
I just tried the coupon code and it doesn't work anymore. Looks like they've taken it off the list.
Oh, the Stargate box set is gone now, too. as is the X-Files one. Interesting...I wonder if they ran out or if the discount was just too deep?

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Damn, there's some great stuff on here! I got Alien Nation and Space: Above and Beyond. Thanks!
9 days later and I just got an email notification that neither the Angel boxset OR Family Guy one are available, therefore my order has been canceled.

BAD Deep Discount. BAD. BAD. BAD.

I'm not impressed and needless to say won't be using their services ever again.

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