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November 29 2007

Smallville challenges Buffy fans to a duel by pencils. United Hollywood posts an update on the Pencils2MediaMoguls campaign, including a photograph of a pallet of pencils.

Fans who send pencils and enter "Smallville" as the show name will entered into a raffle, and the winner will be thanked personally by Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) over the phone. And the showrunners of Smallsville have issued a challenge to fanbases of other shows:

We thought, why not offer a challenge to some of these other shows who have devoted fanbases (that's right Battlestar and Buffy I'm talking to you!) and see whose fans can really deliver the goods (in this case, pencils).

ETA: 325,000 pencils before the Smallville announcement.

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OHHH man..... bring it!
As I just posted in their comment section, I'm really not sure of this as something coming from showrunners. And they really need to update the tally more often for this to work. But, the idea of some friendly competition between fandoms is a good one, I think.

And I think we all know who will win. That's right: BuffAngFireHouse!
Clearly, Smallville and BSG have the unfair advantage of still being on the air.

Clearly, we have the unfair advantage of being fans of Joss. What was that line about "impossible" and "mighty"? ;-)
Clearly, Smallville and BSG have the unfair advantage of still being on the air.

Early on, though, didn't someone (maybe it was Joss?) say that his fans were beating other fans in pencil purchases?
I've been meaning to do another pencil purchase, so this kicked me into gear. Thirteen more boxes, one for Joss & one for each of my favorite 'verse writers, plus one each for Battlestar Galactia and Ron Moore. Anything that brings in more pencil purchases is a good thing.
I imagine this is for real, can't see them using Michael Rosenbaum's name without his permission. So yay for them. But everyone knows that Joss fans will carry the day ;)
Grrrr, I love Michael. I do. He's the one reason I stuck with Smallville for four years (the fifth was all James, baby!). But there's something about this that itches and not in a good way. Did the Smallville peeps get wind that not many pencils were being sent in their name? ;) Does the Smallville fandom need an incentive to speak their love for the show's writers in environmentally friendly pencil fashion? *wince* I've always hated the notion of "buying love". Though it is ironic that they used their best actor and not their "lead actor" as a prezzie... I wonder at times if Mike is counting the days until he's SV-free.

*blink* Did that seem haughty of me? *heads off to that all powerful button to send pencils to writers who know how to truly wield the power of the pencil for good* Writers of: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ANGEL, Firefly, House.
Oh, now it's on, yo, it's on like Donkey Kong.
I know this sounds dumb, but, how is this, exactly, an incentive for Buffy fans any more than it has been? That is, to be part of the drawing, you've got to put "Smallville" in as your show. But, if you put Buffy in, or, any of the others, you don't get in the drawing. Since they've never posted the totals of whose shows are getting the most votes, how would we know who won? Really, this is a "Buy pencils for Smallville, get a call from Michael Rosenbaum" deal, which is nice, but, not quite the same thing as a duel.
Yeah, you have to put Smallville on your pencils. That doesn't fit right.
There are two parts to the announcement:

1. If you're a fan of Smallville, and you send pencils in for the show, the Lex Luthor bit sounds like a fun incentive. And in terms of general strike and fan support news, it's an interesting new development.

2. The challenge issued to Buffy fans is simply to crush the "Smallville" pencils beneath a massive weight of pencils that say "Buffy." Basically they're trying to get some between-fandoms competition going.
Never happen, every single fandom loves all others equally and without reserve. Right ?

(what he should have said was "All 'Smallville' fans put 'Buffy and Spike Forever !' in the box. Those Bangel so-called-fans won't know what hit 'em ..." - that'd throw the pencils among the pigeons ;)
Sunfire, I agree that that's what the announcement is doing, but, seeing as how while we know, anecdotally, that Whedon fans are leading this, we don't have real numbers. How will we know if Buffy fans have crushed the Smallville fans? I suspect we already *have* crushed the Smallville totals, and will continue to do so. I guess, mostly, I want to *see* the number that confirms how mighty we are...

Of course, I think it might be a closer race between the Whedon fans and the BSG or Moore fans.
No, it's "Buffy & Spike 4 EVAR." Although I think you may have hit on a brilliant strategy there, Saje. There's no rivalry between fandoms that would ever match the shipping wars within fandoms. Except the results would be very puzzling, should the higher-ups open the boxes. "Who is this Kennedy, and why should he die?"

Sunfire, I agree that that's what the announcement is doing, but, seeing as how while we know, anecdotally, that Whedon fans are leading this, we don't have real numbers. How will we know if Buffy fans have crushed the Smallville fans?

Yes, that point concerns me greatly. I made that point in their blog comments, and a few other people commented there on increasing visibility of the pencil statistics. There's also the difficulty of assigning categorical variables to what people typed into the text box already. The campaign does not seem to have been set up to measure the success of a particular fandom. Which I understand completely, but it makes carrying out this kind of RAWR TASTE PENCILS SMALLVILLE contest problematic.

There is a Fans4Writers thread on this as well.

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"Who is this Kennedy, and why should he die?"

I am in stitches, Sunfire, it is not funny!! Wait. No. It is! Oh, god, I'm gonna keep snickering all the way through this wedding I'm attending today and I'll get weird looks (which isn't new) but I don't care! I just can't help imagining that scenario unfolding.
Battlestar Galactica just joined in on the competition. Win a trip to a hockey game with The Chief!
Just chuckling with glee. That's all.

But wait .... there could be eyeless people who are not Xander :-)

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