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November 29 2007

Eliza Dushku talks 'Sex And Breakfast'. And does she say anything about Dollhouse? Oh yes.

The new show concerns people who live in a biosphere who are imprinted with personalities and sent on spy-like missions, after which their memories are wiped.

People? As in, more than ONE person? And they live in a biosphere?

Well yeah, we never thought Echo was the only doll surely ? Given the scenario there's going to be demand for more than one physical type (as well as guy dolls presumably).

The biosphere bit's new though. Wonder if that's to keep them in or to keep something else out (i.e. is it set post-catastrophe ? Something biological ?).

Didn't realise she had problems with the demon drink either (unless that's slight hyperbole - i've noticed that Americans sometimes call "alcoholism" what Brits call "a night out" ;). If she did though, good on her for sorting herself out, not an easy task by any stretch, shows character.
I loved the characterization of Dollhouse as "part Truman Show, part Alias". And the Women of Whedon photo gallery was a nice plus. Good to see a more mature Buffy, after the circa season one school girl pic they used on the "most fully realized women of TV" list.
> Dushku admits that she got "sober" a couple of years ago,

I didn't realise she'd had a problem. Glad she's over it.
I do seem to recall it being said, in a couple of the announcement interviews, that there would be two other dolls living with Echo.

I had the impression the dolls were being kept almost like prisoners in the dollhouse when they weren't out doing a job. Methinks 'biosphere' is just reportery creative language. Of course, the thinking device in my head could just be playing up and misinterpreting things. It's been know to do that.
Maybe we can start an internet rumor about fan outrage over the use of a biosphere for Dollhouse. :)

Since the show hasn't started yet, there is nothing to stop the creators from changing it to something else. Like "Thunderdome". Or maybe Echo's "Dodecahedron Dollhouse". (But not an icosahedron, because no viewer would believe that.)

Or maybe the reporter misheard... The dolls spend their time in the "blog-o-sphere" after missions. Which would also explain the mind-wiping, because we all know what happens when you spend too much time on the Internet.

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I didn't know she had a problem with alcoholism either (and really, shouldn't that be how it is in this crazy insane tabloid world we live in?). Good on her for cleaning herself up.
Doesn't the fact that "sober" was in quotes mean it wasn't alcoholism she had an issue with?
The "sober" thing is confusing. They don't mention anything about alcoholism in the whole article. The quotes around it make it look like a metaphor for something else, but they never do say what they're talking about.

This new Truman Show/biosphere stuff is pretty interesting. I wonder how much of that came from Dushku and how much is just the reporter's interpretation.
I too read it as "sober" from the general craziness that teen stars in showbusiness go through. Imagine normal teen rebellion but with lots of money, VIP treatment in nightclubs and invites to the coolest parties. Some, like Lohan and Spears crash and burn and some, hopefully like Eliza, survive and prosper.
I think the important part is that whatever problem Eliza had, she's got a handle on it now and it no longer controls her life negatively.

And I also think "biosphere" is just LA Times talk for "locked-in lab-like place." I don't think this was a spoiler.

As for other dolls, I still just have two words: Nathan Fillion. Well, OK, Amy Acker, too; guess that's four words. :)

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Wow, quite a headline from the LA Times. Simon, impressive restraint not copying it here. I know I would have been unable to resist. (Not even a "group sex" tag? ;-)
This writer's celebrity pieces are big with the dirt-digging and innuendo. I don't take the "sober" comment very seriously, as it could be out of context, and if this was the worst she could make Eliza sound, good for her.
If the pattern holds, Eliza will be exactly that, a stable adult actor. Joss had soem kind of pheromones which allowed him to attract that kind of performer. Recall please four other former child performers named Sarah, ALyson, Amber, and Mercedes. (Michell'es younger than ELiza so she's off-limits for this argument, unfortunately.)

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