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November 29 2007

(SPOILER) IMDB's daily poll asks which death of a film character was most surprising to viewers. Wash's death in Serenity is a pretty popular choice. Contains spoilers for many films.

I had to vote for Wash, because it was genuinely shocking. Many of the other deaths were kind of inevitable. And some are from such famous films I went into them knowing who would live and who would die. But I saw Serenity in preview and had NO IDEA. It's still one of the most shocking moments I've ever had in a cinema.
That was a toss-up for me between "The Departed", "LA Confidential" and "Serenity".

Went with "LA Confidential" in the end, partly because it's a great moment in a great film and partly because i'm getting a bit bored of "Serenity" always winning these things ;).
I went with Wash because it was genuinely the most shocking, to me. A close second for me was Wm. Costigan in The Departed, because the set up was so masterful .... I really believed he was going to die until almost the last minute, then barely had time to breath a sigh of relief thinking he'd made it, when it came out of nowhere. But that's Scorcesse, that other great film maker :)

I also voted for Wash because hey, more Serenity recognition. Costigan has double the votes of any other entry, but Wash is in second place, in almost a dead heat with #3, from American History X.
It was hard to choose between Wash and Ed from Shaun of The Dead.
Psycho of course.

I don't understand why The Departed is winning. That is like the least surprising death on the entire list!
Man, all the deaths in The Departed were shocking. Though I have to say that as soon as Costigan got in the elevator, I knew he was dead meat.

I picked Wash because that's the cinematic death that most horrified and stunned me. I was cryin' like a baby.
I don't understand how the death of Lester Burnham in "American Beauty" can be a surprise. He's dead when the movie starts.

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Unfortunately, Wash's death was spoiled for me. I didn't know exactly when it was going to happen, but I knew it was coming.
Tommy's death in "Goodfellas" surprised me.
All the deaths at the end of "Departed" kind of blurred together.
All the deaths at the end of "Departed" kind of blurred together.

Yeah, in an absurd Keystone Cops sort of way. In my humble opinion, of course.

The first time I saw Serenity, I missed a good minute and a half following Wash's death because I was so shocked. Never, ever saw that coming.
Like Saje, I had to go with "LA Confidential". Usually, I am pretty good at foreseeing such things in movies, but it took me by total surprise. And mind you, this was after I read an interview with Kevin Spacey in which the article said something along the lines of "he spent all day being shot by the beloved Farmer Hoggett". So, I knew it was coming, but I still didn't see it coming!

And with Wash, I'm still in denial.
None of the deaths in The Departed were shocking to me, because I'd seen the original Hong Kong version of the film - Infernal Affairs. Okay, okay, the ending was changed so there was one more death - but hey, it's Scorcese. No surprise there.

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