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November 29 2007

WGA the Dog: CBR News Examines the WGA Strike. Joss gets a few mentions, including the fact he has been "sick as a dog" recently, in this very comprehensive report on the WGA strike.

Anyone who has come into this late and wants a better understanding of why this is happening needs to give this article a read. Very informative.

Good read. Lots of little knick-knacks to round out the goings on in L.A. Thanks for the link.
Great article, I feel like I've caught up with a lot of strike details I missed, and have a fuller understanding of the sitch. Plus, the article linked to many other great sites/sources.

Best wishes to the WGA, supporters, and everyone else.

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"WGA the dog" is a brilliant pun.
"WGA the dog" is a brilliant pun.

Ohhhh. And now I finally get it.

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