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November 29 2007

TV Squad muses about tv shows heading to comics. Spoilers if you haven't read Season 8, Issue 1. Buffy Season 8 and The Great Purple One mentioned as forerunners.

Angel and BSG also mentioned.

Unfortunately, Whedon let the licenses for Buffy and Angel go to different publishers, so there won't be any inter-series crossovers anytime soon. Whedon admits in the letters page of the latest Buffy comic that this was a mistake and apologizes.

No he didn't let the licenses go. Dark Horse did. And it was Scott Allie apologising in the letters page, not Joss. I mean is it that difficult to get the facts right?
So it would seem (unless they've seen Buffy "S8" Issue 9 and know something we don't).

And yeah, that was a very pleasant surprise aspect to "Angel: After the Fall". Turned over the back cover and saw a big old advert for IDW's 'Doctor Who' title, will definitely be checking it out. Apart from anything else, it's yet more grist to the canon argument mill ;).

(not read any of Gary Russell's stuff but he's been in and around the Whoverse for donkey's years between the novels, Big Finish and script editing the new show itself. And from sketches Nick Roche's art looks plenty fine, definitely comic art but pretty decent likenesses IMO)
I think they heard you's been corrected.
I have power!
I read that article just to find out what was meant by "The Great Purple One." I still don't know.
Alpha5099 - "the Great Purple One" is a nickname for Joss around here, as his name appears in purple at the end of his posts, proving their authentic Whedon-ness; and, 'cause he's great :)

And, go, Simon! You'll get the internet factually-correct yet!

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