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May 26 2003

The truth about Speed. "Joss Whedon wrote 98.9 percent of the dialogue," admits credited screenwriter Graham Yost

This is probably a commonly know truth with most readers at Whedonesque, and was somewhat stated in the article, but I feel compelled to restate it just for the sake of clarity. While I am not in show business ... and do not fully understand its ways but I find it funny.

link to 'Joss Whedon' entry on IMDb

link to 'Speed' entry on IMDb

Okay so he didn't get the writing credit ... but how about associate assistant made-up something or other ... c'mon!
My response is a Keanu-esque "Whoa."

In all seriousness, Walter Parkes (a Fox executive) in the Buffy 100th episodic tribute video even mentioned Joss' role in 'Speed,' using Keanu's line about a gold watch being "cheesy" in the movie to describe Joss himself. :)
Ah, a connection from my now-favorite show "Boomtown" to Joss. Excellent.

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So why didn't Joss get a credit for 'Speed'?
xanfan, beats me. All Walter Parkes says about it is that "...and even though Joss was an uncredited writer on 'Speed'..." and that's it. It could be a Writer's Guild thing, or maybe Joss elected not to receive credit for it. Quentin Tarantino's been an uncredited writer on several movies (from what I understand, the 'Star Trek' reference during 'Crimson Tide' was an example of his handiwork) as well.
I know that writers are often hired to punch up a film's dialogue, and that's something JW and QT excell at. But I always thought they'd get at least some kind of credit. Jeez!

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