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November 29 2007

Sarah Michelle Gellar's "Alice" starts production for a July 2008 release. Sarah's film that has been through production hell finally gets a release date.

I guess we have to thank the writers strike for this then...
I thought this was a game, not a movie?
Yeah, it's a movie based on the game. Although I would say that it's probably one of the games out there that's best suited to be adapted into a movie. A lot better than The Sims atleast for sure.
It was a game and now it's being adapted into a movie with SMG starring.
I liked the game for its creepy, surreal atmosphere and totally bizarre premise. Hopefully the movie will successfully capture these things. I'll be keeping an eye out for this one.
Yay! More SMG on the screen! Thanks for the clarification.
Great! So glad this is finally a go.
Marcus Nispel? This must have a pretty quick shoot, both for the July 2008 release and the fact he's set to start filming Friday the 13th in February.
Gellar was asked about 'Alice' during a recent interview to promote 'Southland Tales'. Her reply indicated that funding had not been secured and for the time being the film appeared to be a non-starter. I am taking this latest "news" with a grain-of-salt until something more reliable comes along.
This doesn't ring true. A picture like that is bound to have effects and a fair bit of post production. July 2008 is in seven months, I just don't believe that's realistic.

Sounds bogus.
There has been so much bogus news about this movie. I refuse to believe anything about it until I hear from a more reliable source. :p
A picture like that is bound to have effects and a fair bit of post production.

I'm not sure if you've played it or not, Saje, but I smiled when I read this because if it's anything like the game I played, this is quite the understatement.

Djungleurban, you are correct about the quality of the adaption. I don't bother with movies based on video games for the most part, yet I'd check this film out in a second. One day a few years ago I needed a new video game and this one jumped out at me.

IMO, if you enjoy the likes of Tim Burton-creepy, maybe Donnie Darko-like, or perhaps Gamain-ish and especially fantastic/dark/alternate-reality (do I really have to say?) Whedon, you'd probably like or at least appreciate this film...

...if, if, if, there's a solid financial investment and and commitment to quality. In cheap hands this wouldn't work well. Find quality artists and the end product could be intriguing or exquisite. Ok, maybe that's overboard, but I can also say that a well-done adaption would be trippy as hell, and hopefully a total mindf-- I mean, um, it's a concept that has the potential to mildly freak one the hell out.

ETA: Someone on the other thread mentioned a need for Brits on the project. I agree. This film needs pacing that high budget, mass marketed American films tend to not have.

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