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November 30 2007

Details on Joss at Boston rally. Joss' previously posted info about attending a potential rally in Boston has been expanded and updated in this thread on the site, including the latest update email from Jaime Paglia (Eureka).

Per Jaime:
Hey, everyone. So our Boston rally for fans and writers is officially on the books! Here are the details:

We are planning the event for Friday, December 14th from 12 noon - 3 pm. There will be an assembly of writers, fans (and potentially celebrity guests!) at the distinguished public affairs program Cambridge Forum in the Meeting House of the historic First Parish (Unitarian Universalist) Church, 3 Church St., Cambridge, MA 02138. There, guest speakers (which so far include Joss Whedon, Rob Kutner with a few of his Daily Show crew, and myself) will say a few words of thanks to our fans and talk about the cause they're supporting.

There's much more to the email. I'm certainly looking forward to this -- or I would be if I lived anywhere near Boston. Please, someone, YouTube!

A time to envy East Coast people. Joss hasn't promised us a speech. Oh, crap, do we have PA available if he does want to?
You know if someone could arrange a webcast of the Boston event, why I'd probably marry them or at the very least let them hear my really bad Boston acccent.
Coast to coast support for the writers, baby...that is Big Damn Impressive! :)
I too would probably marry that person (in a 'Big Love' stylee) or at least promise to never divorce them, which is virtually the same thing.

Nothing would make me expose the public to my really bad Boston accent though, you have to draw a line somewhere.
Big Sigh at the Big Love reference: there goes the Big Crush.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t know where to start with the Boston accent so that’s just not an option for me. But…Go you person who can do this!
Hmmm, I'll be home in RI by this point which means...I wouldn't rule out the possibility just yet!!!!!
I have a Boston accent. Nasalize your a, drop your r. All set.

"My fathah pahked the cah in Hahvid Yahd."

Now you say say it.
"Ma faither parrrked his motor doon th' rec, byraway".

Like that ? Think i've sussed it, wasn't as hard as I expected ;).
(and potentially celebrity guests!)

Hmmm, isn't Eliza from Boston?
And she was there for Thanksgiving too apparently, maybe she decided to hang out at her folks for a couple of extra weeks ?
Lucky Bostonians.

Too bad nothing films in Milwaukee any more.

I posted this over to the Bronze - hopefully some of the local folks there will turn out. Up. Show. Be there.
I'm there! And if I can get my son's video camera working, I'll record it and put it on YouTube! No clue how to webcast... me = dumbass.
I can go!!!!! YAY!!!!

Already thinking about what to wear. William & Mary sweatshirt w/ BtVS pin? Can i get a Jayne hat whipped up by then?
Oh, my gosh I can't wait.
I love Boston. But, I'm in DENVER. I mean, we had Perry Mason, so, um, we should have a rally, right? One I can go to? Pretty please?
Oh thank goodness. Now I no longer to be sorry for my Bostonian sister who has to go home immediately after the cruise.
Well, as long as she can get the time off.....
Ahhh, I am only an hour away but OF COURSE that has to be when I have a final exam! :(
Strike updates, by the way:

Good news: Fans have picketed around the world in support of the WGA. Go, teams New Zealand and Australia!

Bad news: The AMPTP put forth a "new" offer, and it's the same 1/3 of a cent as before for downloads, plus dropping writers to a one-time payment of $250 for unlimited streaming of a TV episode for a year (as opposed to the $20,000 they now get for a single network rerun of an episode). Yeah, that sounds fair to me. /dripping sarcasm

Negotiations resume Tuesday, but, seriously speaking, there's no chance that our ME Picket will suddenly turn into a Picnic at this rate. And the Boston rally will really be a rally. Team Fans4Writers!
I usedta have a Boston accent - after living there for 13 years in my twenties, which were 3 years longer than your twenties - but they have pills for that now, so it's gone and I'm in remission.

Hey, no fairsies. At L.A. ME Day, we simply must get a Joss speech, too or I'll... I'lll... I'll picket him, that's what I'll do.

Yeah, the AMPTP "offer" - they may be using the same agency as Big Tobacco did years ago - Hill & Knowlton - to try and spin their attempted rollbacks as a tempting "offer," but -- no matter how you slice it, it's still bullshit baloney.
Although H&K claims they aren't involved.
I lived in Boston for several years, half my family is from there, and I still can't do a decent Boston accent. Someone must have slipped me some of QuoterGal's pills.

As for the AMPTP's offer, well, there is a difference between starting low and being insulting. One shows you're negotiating seriously. The other, not so much.
I usedta have a Boston accent - after living there for 13 years in my twenties, which were 3 years longer than your twenties - but they have pills for that now, so it's gone and I'm in remission.

I was in my twenties for 25 years. Now I'm in my thirties.

Massachusetts is still too far away for me. Lots of things happening in NYC, but even that's 100 miles away and I've been working all sorts of hours to buy pencils.

It was obvious the proposal AMPTP touts in public is an insult. Divide it up by the numbers of writers involved over the next what... 20 years? When you consider how much entertainment is moving into the new media vein,and how quickly the change is occurring, a flat dollar amount is ridiculous.
We're going to do everything in our power to be in Boston -- just a couple hours away, easy day-trip. I will have a video camera and will work with it in the next two weeks so's to figure out how to YouTube in time for Boston.

I'm already married, so (if I manage to pull this off) please send chocolate instead of proposals. lol.
Right in my backyard! Maybe Eliza will show up too?

Hey Mr. Joss...want to get a beer with some locals after the rally?
Hmmm, must figure out how to rearrange my work schedule to be in Boston at noon. *cough cough*, I think I feel a cold coming on!
I will be there, for sure. Now I'm not jealous of Mutant Enemy day...much. I was in NYC a few weeks ago and got to see the WGA in action; can't wait to be a part of it. And I promise to do what I can with pics/video.
My High School is literally a ten-minute walk away from that church! :D

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