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November 30 2007

Best comic book moments of 2007. Wizard Magazine gives the Creepiest Resurrection award to Warren returning in Buffy #3.

Obviously they meant Buffy #3.
Buffy #2 only revealed Willow can fly (and quote Giles at the same time).
Cinnamon buns! It was #3. Apologies for any confusion.
He and Amy should also receive a Creepiest Couple award. That panel in #4 where she's got her arms around him before they disappear... *shudder*
Yeah, creepy moment, not a particular surprise but creepy.

And "To me, my X-Men" didn't suck as far as recent comics moments go.

(also, for fellow maniacs, there's a spoiler re: "Y: The Last Man" issue 55, which will probably only matter to you if you're reading it in trades, as I am)
Thanks for the warning on "Y: The Last Man" Saje. Was about to click on the link. :S

Warren and Amy should definitely be the creepiest couple.
Yep, wasn't surprised at all. But he's so... ugh. Even before he was skinless, he was creepy, but now there are whole new levels. Just a touch to his arm would gross me out, much less the hug. Muscles! Right there!

I'm also reading Y in trades and have already been spoiled, alas.
I like the idea of naming Warren creepiest something!!! I can't help but wonder, given how much a picture of Catherine freaked Amy out...does it mean Amy is still that afraid of Mom or does it mean maybe Mom is resident in there agian and she's afraid they've found her out? (I hope-hope-hope so *g.)
(also, for fellow maniacs, there's a spoiler re: "Y: The Last Man" issue 55, which will probably only matter to you if you're reading it in trades, as I am)

As am I. I saw it saw "Y: The Last Man," and went, "LALALALA! I can't heeeear you!"
Hey Sunfire, I wouldn't worry too much. All they spoiled was exactly when something happened that everyone knew was going to happen. There is still way more to it that you weren't spoiled about, I promise. The most shocking moment in a comic ever (to me anyway) is still to come.
Dunno what i'm gonna do between issue 60's release and the vol. 10 trade coming out. May have to join a monastery temporarily.
Grrr, still stuck waiting for the "Paper Dolls" (Vol Seven I think?) trade of Y from my library. I'm so far behind, I don't even want to know which issue numbers it contains..... :S Though luckily completely spoiler free. :D
Hey!! I haven't read that one yet!!

OK, I know I'm way behind on my Season 8, and looking at the definition of Spoilers, this doesn't fall under it, but is it maybe a borderline case? Like could the name of the resurrected be kept from the main page or something? Or am I just plain outta luck? Honest, I'm not usually a big whiner.

This must be how it feels not to live in North America. ;-) Or something.
The appearance of Warren didn't work that well for me. I didn't buy the whole Amy saved him right after Willow skinned him thing. It didn't go with the representation of events in the series. That was one of the least satisfactory moments for me. Now, the reappearance of Faith and what they've done with her... that's another story.
Add to the list:

Yesterday, when I went to my local comic shop and my comic shop guy had saved the one-per-shop hardback bound 1-6 (so he said) for me. Mini-Squeeeeee!
That is lovely to hear, the Midnighter. :) Thanks.

I also would have expected the Cyclops death/resurrection/empowerment to have gotten some mention.

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