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November 30 2007

James Marsters returns to 'Without A Trace'. James reprises his role as Det. Grant Mars in the episode airing Dec 6th on CBS at 10pm ET.

What's he like on the show?
To be honest? Humdrum role, could be done by a million actors in L.A. Detective Mars has no distinctive characteristics yet, and his debut appearance (repeated last night) was so dull, that my wife, the huge raving Spike fan, did not recognize JM and walked away from the T.V. set to get a snack.

Hoping he turns it around soon.

For the shallow (see "my wife" above): JM has short-cropped brown hair, wears standard TV cop suit, but still rocks the cheekbones.
He could not only compete with any of the actors on the show, he could totally out shine them if they would just give him something to do and gave him more screen time. I hope he is this episode more than he was in the last two episodes. Of course, I won't be happy until he's the star of his own show.
Yeah. The couple episodes he was in, he was barely there. He's an amazing actor and I really hope they brought him in for that and to make use of his talent and not for a ratings booster.
That was just an "introduction",folks. He is going to be part of an ongoing investigation that they are setting up a "special unit" for. I think James will be getting more screen time though this is a "police procedural" show and as such,it is more about the crime than the people solving the case. This is still winning its time slot for CBS and is a very successful show. I have high hopes that James will be asked to join the cast as a "regular" (and James seemed to think that was a real possibility at his Q&A at DC) .
Berry is on the money about the fact that James' two episodes were only an introduction. They are setting up an arc that will provide him with much more screen time. With actress Poppy Montgomery having a baby IRL and on the show, they've planned some episodes for her absence.
I wont be happy .... well, not totally .... unless James and Anthony Palagia share some screen time. Preferably confrontational, with Det. Mars revealing a previously unseen reserve of righteous indignation to counter A.P's characters' legendary nasty temper and short fuse when crossed. Now that would be worth waiting for.

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