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November 30 2007

Georges Jeanty interview at Jeanty talks about the Buffy S8 comic, working with Joss Whedon, and his other projects. (No real spoilers other than what appears on a future cover.)

This is one of the best interviews I've read here in ages, cheers for posting the link.
That was an extremely good interview. Thanks for posting the link to it!
Wow, now that is an excellent interview. Sharp questions, and terrifically informative answers from Georges. I'm so glad you've shared that with us.

And I can clear up one small unanswered question! They speculated that Dark Horse can't use Angel or Spike without IDW's permission. Actually, Scott Allie told me that Dark Horse has the rights to use all of the Buffyverse characters, but is taking pains to avoid stepping on IDW's creative toes.
Well, if DC and Marvel can get together and do crossover issues of Superman and Spiderman, can't Dark Horse and IDW get together to do a crossover of Buffy and Angel? Just a thought.
Fantastic interview. So much information. I was really glad to read of Jeanty's having watched all the TV seasons. That feels important to me. I found myself agreeing with his assessment of how he draws Amy and Buffy. I actually think he's done a decent job with Faith all along, even if the comics Faith hasn't looked much like TV Faith. That didn't bother me so much. (Why is it that artists in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional media have trouble doing likenesses of Eliza Dushku? Every action figure I've seen pictured of her is horrible. They look nothing like her, imo.)

My anticipation of what is to come in S8 was already at fever-pitch, now it's off the charts. Bombs? Yikes. In the short term, I'm a little worried about Faith. Next week's issue can't come soon enough. What a gift Season 8 is.
Is the reveal of the big bad not considered spoilery?
That was an excellent interview to read with a coffee on a Sunday morning!

Georges art has very much grown on me + I loved hearing from him about how he became a fan + how he works on the likenesses.

What he says about the upcoming plot is really exciting. Like Georges I was a latecomer to Buffy. After catching bits of the end of season 5 (+ after only a few episodes finding myself crying at the Gift... never happened to me watching TV before...)I followed seasons 6 and 7 on the BBC. I can relate to how he feels about Dawn in that way, as I hadn't seen the early seasons.

After it finished I then went back + caught up on every episode in order, but by that time all the big Buffy chat-boards etc had closed down. I was gagging to talk about it with other fans! :(

So this is the first time for me that there is a brand new season going on + I can enrich it through a current + buzzing internet fandom, where we are all getting hit with the 'bombs' at the same time. Never thought it'd happen + I feel very lucky.

I also wanna check out the American Way now too.

Cheers to Saturn Girl, Georges + Joss :)

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