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December 01 2007

Waitress Borders DVD Exclusive with Pie Recipe Cards. Including Doc's got a great bedside manner Bananer cream pie.And Nathan's favorite Chocolate Mousse Falling in Love pie.

Box has Bold red stripe at front top of box saying "10 Pie Recipe Cards Inside." Make sure you get the exclusive box. They also sell the regular one. Remember they can set one aside at the store or ship one to the store for you.

I haven't used the beta site before. I have used used www.bordersstores before: Waitress Exclusive

A lovely movie, but the pies in that movie looked poisonously awful. They were freakish and lurid and did not look like food at all. I can't imagine that anyone who saw it would want recipe cards...unlike, BTW, the Pie Hole pies on Pushing Daisies, which look like they were baked, rather than painted by the props dept.

Hmmm. I seem to have gone all tiny.

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I saw the movie several times at the theater. I wanted those recipe cards. I wanted to give the Waitress DVD out with those recipe cards as Christmas presents. And I'd already gotten several of the regular DVDs Tuesday. I also wanted to stop shopping and get home so I could post the info. I kept shopping.

The Borders I was shopping at had several of the DVDs with the Pie Recipe Cards. I left only 1 box. Got a lot of Christmas shopping done today.
Wow, everyone I knew who saw 'Waitress' left the theater really hungry for pie. In fact last Mothers' Day a lot of theaters did a promotion where they were giving away apple pies to the Moms!
I'd love to try the berry pie in the chocolate crust.

Ummm... salivating just thinking of it.
I actually have the recipe husband bought me the recipe box that was given as a gift at the premiere. He got it on ebay.

I have made "I don't want Earl's baby pie" which is a ham/brie quiche, and have also made Chocolate Mousse Falling in Love pie. Both were excellent!

Coincidentally, I just finished watching my new Waitress DVD a few minutes ago and am also interested in the chocolate berry one, but that isn't in my recipe cards.

SUCH a great movie!

*edited to remove ebay link that I couldn't get to work.

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Glad to hear the recipes turned out "excellent".

I bet they are the same recipe cards.

The Borders Exclusive came with 10 Plastic Coated recipe cards with Keri Russell and some pies pictured with the funny pie name on one side and the recipe on the back. Tabs say the standard name of the pie like a normal recipe card.

The Standard Pie names:
Blueberry Pie
Banana Cream Pie
Brie & Ham Quiche
Chocolate Mousse Pie
Lemon Meringue Pie
Marshmallow Pie
Mud Pie
No Crust New York-Style Cheesecake
Vanilla Custard Meringue Pie
There's a link on the same page showing they have The Namesake on special. That stars Kal Penn, who's been on both Buffy and Angel (and has recently been appearing on House.) Good movie, too.
Dang - I just got my Waitress DVD for $10 at Target yesterday. Otherwise I'd be scoring those recipe cards. The brie and ham quiche and the berry-chocolate love pie looked the best. Some of the pies at the end did look unappetizing - the neon green and that aqua blue ones. Food should not be blue (except for icing). Even blueberries have the good sense to be mostly purple in colour. :D
I *finally* saw Waitress last night. It was so wonderful, and those pies looked delicious! I was going to buy the dvd anyway...yay! pie recipes!

$10 at Target! Score!

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The Borders I was shopping at had several of the DVDs with the Pie Recipe Cards. I left only 1 box. Got a lot of Christmas shopping done today.

You should have waited for tomorrow: there's a 40% off dvd coupon.

... I don't work there or anything...
JCapra, the coupon says 40% off any one DVD boxed set (not Waitress).

At least that's what I got as an email.

I don't work there, but I am a Borders, Barnes&Noble and Books-A-Million card-carrying member.
I like books a lot.

I have all those reward/discount cards too. The coupons that come in the mail are great. Did you know that other family members are allowed to use the Barnes&noble and Books-a-million discount cards. You don't even have to give them a card. They just have to know your phone number and that you have a card.

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