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December 02 2007

An advent gift from James Marsters. James Marsters' UK site has a nifty advent calendar on the front page. Each day from now till December 25th a new link will go live .

Treats so far include a high resolution wallpaper and a never before seen photograph of the man himself .

*will not squee at the cuteness* Well, now, that's a nice picture. Uhem.

I can just see myself sitting cross-legged on that rock just gazing at him. Maybe he'll sit down and play and *snaps back to reality* Excuse me. A fangirl took hold of my mind. *points at tree* Anyone else see that "I" carved into the tree to his left? *slips back into dreamland*
My, those first two pics are simply gorgeous! Can't wait to see the next 23.
How did they know just what I was hoping for ? JM Live is better at this present stuff than Santa!
Now I have three advent calendars to open, the one my sister-in-law sent, the Doctor Who countdown to this year's Christmas Special (on the BBC Doctor Who homepage) and JM.

I like these early Christmas presents.
Simply beautiful.

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